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D&H AC: Locally Owned, Proudly Serving our Community Since 1959

D&H air conditioning service logoFrom our humble beginnings over 60 years ago, D&H Air Conditioning has been providing Tucsonans with reliable air conditioning service and ac repairs, as well as installing the latest air conditioning technology in their homes.

In Tucson, your good reputation means everything. We have earned the trust of our community with our honest, straightforward approach to service. Our HVAC technicians are fully vetted and highly experienced. They are NATE-certified, and they receive continuous training in HVAC technology and customer service. For you and your family, it means peace of mind: D&H will make your home temperature comfortable through hot summers and chilly winters.

Our team calls after every visit to ensure you are happy with our services.

D&H has remained family-owned and operated from 1959 to this day. We do everything with family values in mind. This is why we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and great customer reviews with a 4.8 star rating in Google.


The Inflation reduction Act (IRA) includes several tax credits to homeowners for installing ENERGY STAR®-certified air conditioning systems.

Can you benefit from these credits? READ MORE HERE.

Don’t hesitate to call our Comfort Consultants to receive more information pertaining to your situation.

As a qualified Pearl Contractor, D&H AC provides you with options to increase the energy efficiency of your home and better protect the health of those living in it.

Pearl Certification helps you maximize the appraisal and market value of your home for selling or refinancing. Read more here...

High-Reliability Heating and Cooling: Everybody Likes Peace of Mind

Our customer reviews in Google and Facebook tell a good story:
D&H has earned their trust as one of the most reliable AC companies in Tucson.

We train our Certified HVAC technicians continuously. We are on time at your home, and we work efficiently to avoid bothering you and your family. Our technicians leave no mess behind. And to ensure we have fulfilled your expectations, our Customer Service always calls to ask you about your experience after our technician’s visit.

We pay strict attention to timeliness, courtesy and professionalism, speed and completion of repair, cleanliness of work, quality of the information you receive before/after inspection and maintenance, and fairness in cost of labor and parts.

Any situation you may have with your AC, we have already seen it and fixed it. In 60+ years of installing new air conditioners and performing AC repairs on old systems, we have worked on all brands and all models. We have lived through the full evolution of HVAC technology — from the old swamp coolers to the sophisticated split systems of today. Nothing can replace this wealth of experience.

Reliable 24/7 emergency service is also a very big deal. What happens to your comfort when your AC quits working in a hot July day or a chilly January night? Call our dispatching center, we schedule your ac repair time immediately. We have trucks on the road all day long, and certified HVAC technicians on call at night.

Reliable 24/7 emergency service is also a very big deal. What happens to your comfort when your AC quits working in a hot July day or a chilly January night? Call our dispatching center, we schedule your ac repair time immediately. We have trucks on the road all day long, and certified HVAC technicians on call at night.

Quality service also means making reliable recommendations for your heating and cooling. Sometimes, repairing a very old AC unit is not cost-effective. With the financing options we offer, it can be much cheaper to replace it. (It also saves you a lot of money on utility bills). When you call D&H to receive an estimate for a new system, we send a certified specialist to calculate precisely the AC load your home needs. He works to define the right system for your budget. We can propose financing options, sometimes even with 0% interest, to make high tech more affordable. Your budget must be respected, and we know this.

What about indoor air quality? If your home is in the lower areas of Tucson, your life is affected by pollution more than in the Foothills. If you are in Vail or south-east Tucson, you will get more dust than in Dove Mountain. We know this (better than any company from Phoenix) because we are local! We can recommend the right filters and AC filtration systems for your specific area.

We have repaired, maintained, and install HVAC systems for 60+ years. We have seen all makes and models, the full evolution of HVAC technology since 1959. So, yes, we can repair and maintain them all, except when an AC unit is too old and its parts can’t be found anymore, or when a brand has disappeared from the market. However, it is important to understand that repairing an older AC unit is not always the right call. With each year that passes, the efficiency of your AC system decreases. A system rated 15 SEER 5 years ago is not 15 SEER today. It is closer to 10 SEER in fact. The right recommendation for an older unit may be to replace it with new technology that saves power ($$) and runs more efficiently throughout your home.

All the main HVAC brands today manufacture reliable systems. But it’s a fact some manufacturers offer longer warranties than others. This is the question to ask yourself when considering an HVAC unit. Why does this brand only offer a 5-year warranty on the major components, and not 12 years like that brand? Why is the warranty on certain parts shorter than on some other parts? As a rule of thumb, longer warranties indicate the manufacturer has more trust in the reliability of their systems. This matters to you because parts will inevitably fail and have to be replaced. You want maximum warranty coverage. Also, between 2 systems using roughly the same technology (heat pumps, for instance), why is one rated 16 SEER and that one rated 20 SEER? This matters to you because the system efficiency will impact your utility bill. Base your purchase decision on warranty coverage, efficiency, and the specifics of your home.

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Serving Tucson Since 1959

A Tucson AC Company 100% committed to Tucson

Back in January 1959, Arthur Duhamel and Harry Hawk founded a company specializing in residential air conditioning service and repair. Arthur and Harry pledged to provide reliable, high-quality services to all Tucsonans. They took the first letters of their last names, and D&H Air Conditioning Company was born.

D&H AC has been in continuous operation ever since, building a reputation for honesty and quality in a city where your good name is key to long-lasting success. D&H is a family business: the current owner, Brett Wright, is the grandson of the founder.

We provide a great work environment for our employees, through training, job security, and benefits. Our NATE-certified technicians deliver reliable service to clients, and this is the main reason why we have earned a good reputation as a highly reliable HVAC company in the Tucson metro area.

Tucson Loves D&H

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Brett Wright, President D&H AC

The D&H AC Difference

  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • Experience

With the purchase of a very large industrial facility on Evans Rd, D&H AC has renewed the commitment our founders made to Tucson and Southern Arizona back in 1959.

The air conditioning industry is undergoing a major technological change benefiting homeowners: more comfortable homes, lower energy bills, more flexible and durable AC systems.

Small HVAC operators are bound to disappear, unable to keep up with the level of training, mobility and service required by equipment makers and consumers.

D&H AC is well prepared for this, with large investments in hiring, training, equipment and technology. Our clients benefit from this at all levels, including 24/7 service, full financing, and coverage of all brands. Call us now, and experience the D&H difference.

Reinvesting in the Tucson Community

D&H AC was always “all about Tucson”. We did not come from Phoenix, we did not move to Phoenix — even when opportunities knocked at the door.

In 2016, we observed that our historical N Oracle location had become too small and too old to serve our staff well. We searched for new headquarters that we could remodel to our needs. Being Tucsonans, we limited our search to Tucson. It took a couple years to find the right building. We began remodelling in 2018, and started a progressive move to our new location at the end of 2019. Remodeling the new building to suit our needs meant giving work to dozens of local construction workers and trade specialists, and bringing in local Tucson-based vendors and suppliers to be part of our expansion. We reinvested into the Tucson community as a way to thank the community for what we had received all these years.

D&H AC New Corporate Center 3990 S Evans Rd

The New Headquarters of D&H AC, on S. Evans Blvd, off of Ajo Way, next to the Fairgrounds and the VA.

D&H AC is highly interested in local charities. For years, we have supported great organizations such as the Humane Society, Sweat for Pets, MADD walk, Walk For MS, and the Tucson Police Foundation.


D&H AC Map of Position in Tucson

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Serving Tucsonans since 1959,
longer than the other top Tucson air conditioning companies.


D&H Air Conditioning & Heating
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We offer 24/7 service, 365 days per year.

We never stop repairing air conditioning systems day and night, in any weather. Call us if you have any emergency and we will do our very best to get you scheduled within the same day.

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