The Best Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair Service

NATE Certified Technicans badge: D&H offers air conditioning repair service in Tucson, AZWe are ready to schedule you for excellent service, in most cases on the very same day you call us. You may have read our reviews in Google, we have a solid reputation built over 60+ years of existence in Tucson. There is no “best time”: simply call our Hotline 24/7 at (520) 664-3699. We provide air conditioning service and emergency repair intervention any day, any night of the year.


What You Can Expect From Our HVAC Technicians

  • Being on time: We give you a time window and we are there when we sy we are. We keep you updated of our coming 30 minutes before we arrive.
  • Courtesy: We train our technicians in excellent manners, including leaving no disorder behind them.
  • COVID protection: Our technicians wear masks, they respect social distancing, and they wear gloves as requested by the situation.
  • Complete transparency: Technical measurements, parts possibly needed, risks of failure detected, costs involved — our technicians inform you of everything
  • Complete integrity: Our technicians are trained to explain the risks and make recommendations without ever being pushy or salesy. We never recommand a part you don’t need.
  • Knowledge of your unit: Our NATE Certified technicians are trained to repair any A/C units (makes and models), even if old.
  • Reasonable service duration: Our technicians are usually fast. They know how to diagnose of a problem what to repair, and how to repair.
  • No disorder left behind: It is our pride to make sure that when we leave your home, it is like our technician was never there.

If you can’t call us, or if you prefer to be called, here is a simple form to ask us for a callback:

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    Helping You is a Motivation for Our HVAC Technicians

    Call our Hotline 24/7 at (520) 664-3699


    What if Your A/C Still Works… but Gives Weird Signs?

    As soon as your A/C starts giving early signs that “something is not quite right”. It is better to be aware of these warning signs, and call us as soon as you notice them. DOn’t let them run for a while, and take the risk to call us too late.

    To help you figure out some of the signs that something wrong is happening, we have put together this guide.


    Signs Your Air Conditioning System is Going Bad…

    Here are several unmistakable signs that “something is up” and calls for quick action.

      • Your A/C does not blow cold

    The first thing to check when you feel that your air conditioning is not blowing cold, or the temperature of your home is going up, is your thermostat. Yes, it sounds a bit ridiculous to say that, but someone in your household may have turned down your thermostat, or even turned it off, and your A/C is just not blowing enough to cool your rooms. Just check this first and this may avoid calling an air conditioning service technician and having to pay for a visit.

    If this check does not show anything unusual, what are your options? Two common causes for an A/C that does not blow cold are (1) the compressor is failing, and (2) there is simply not enough refrigerant in your system anymore. In itself, that last one could be a bad sign that you may have a refrigerant leak somewhere. We would have to trace back the leak, plug it or repair, and recharge your A/C. If your compressor is failing, that’s a big deal which requires a replacement.

    Bottom line: it’s time to call us. Call (520) 664-3699, tell us what you observe, and request urgent air conditioning repair service.

      • The flow of cool air feels weak

    When you place your hands near the vents in various areas of your home, your hands can hardly feel the flow of air going through the blades. The airflow may be cool, as usual, but it feels like a trickle, not a stream. There are several possible diagnostics for this, but the most common ones are that your A/C compressor is on its way out, or that your duct system is becoming really constrained — usually by an unusual quantity of dust and debris. You can always check your filter(s), to verify whether or not the system is overly dirty. If so, change your filters immediately, and check again how the airflow behaves.

      • Your A/C is making weird sounds

    One of the most usual ways you will detect an anomaly in the regular operation of your A/C is when your hear alarming sounds. These can happen when your unit starts, but also when it is simply on.

        • High pitched squeal: it could a bad bearing in a rotating part, or your unit compressor dying
        • Grating sound: it could be a used bearing that’s impeding the normal rotation of a fan
        • Repeating starts-stops: that could be an indication that the motor is not getting the “juice” it needs from the capacitor to start
        • Loud buzz: There is a chance that your A/C has an electrical problem, or that the compressor is dying
        • Hissing: A surefire sign that there is a leak in the refrigerant line
        • Loud bang: A moving part is hitting other parts inside the A/C, a sign that some parts are loose, or springs are worn out

    If you hear these noises, it is high time to call our hotline for an inspection and, most likely, repair service. It could be a good idea to turn off your A/C to prevent further damage, and call us at (520) 664-3699. Request urgent air conditioning repair service, and tell us what sounds you heard.

      • Leaks and water damage

    If you observe signs of humidity near your air conditioner (inside or outside), you may be facing a leak in your refrigerant line. This line will eventually get corroded and start wearing down. Leaks happen all the times: most commonly, you will find them near fittings, couplings, joints, drains and hoses.

    When you can observe abnormal humidity around your A/C unit, you will also probably notice that your airflow is not as cool as usual. That results from a refrigerant leakage, and the line needs to be repaired and your unit recharged.

    Water damage due to an air conditioning unit is really bad for a home. The most common problem is the clogging of the drain system, followed by an overflow of the drain pan. A/Cs have drain systems that ensure a way out for condensation water. But with moisture comes mold… especially in  humid areas of our country (like Lousiana and Florida) or during heavily humid weather (like monsoon time in Arizona).

    When mold grows inside a drainage system, it restricts the normal drip of condensation water, and water starts accumulating in the drain pipe, then the drain pan. When this happens, the drain pan overflows, and water spills everywhere: typically behind drywall, where it is not immediately observable. After several hours, it pools on a floor or a ceiling and this is when the damage becomes apparent.

    To avoid facing this situation, you only have 2 options:

    (A) You conduct visual inspections of your drain system indoor and outdoor on a regular basis, looking at the drip, any sign of mold on the drain pipe, and any accumulation of water in the drain pan. If you see anything like that, it’s time to call D&H with an urgent request for air conditioning service.

    (B) You protect your system with a maintenance contract: our HVAC technicians will visit your home twice, and carefully look at any sign of obstruction of your drainage system. They will remove any debris, any type of obstruction along the drainage line. D&H offers such a maintenance plan, called the Family Maintenance Plan, with many benefits and nice discounts on parts and labor, for just a few dollars a month.


    A Great Reputation is earned, never given

    As you can see from our reviews in Google, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, we have a sterling reputation and an excellent A+ rating.

    We have also won several times the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

    Our reputation is built on years of hard work, an attitude of diligence, a desire to serve you extremely well, and consistency in training.


    We always have a truck close to your neighborhood

    D&H client and HVAC technician

    Phil is a happy client of D&H since 2019: Here with our HVAC technician Tim

    D&H Air Conditioning service homeowners in all areas of the Tucson metro, within a radius of 25 miles.

    Our trucks can be seen on the road from Oracle to Green Valley, from 3 Points to Coronado de Tucson, from the Catalina Foothills all the way to South Tucson.

    Because of this, you are almost always assured to have a truck not far away from your neighborhood. Tight scheduling enables us to get your air conditioning serviced on the same day of your call in most cases.

    We know that air conditioning units can fail at any time. This is why we have decided to offer 24/7 service, 365 days a year. We always have technicians on call, and our hotline is always ready to schedule your air conditioning repair service intervention. Call us at (520) 664-3699.



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    Our corporate office is located off of Ajo, next to i-10, i-10, and the Fairgrounds.

    Our trucks are all over Tucson, so a service intervention can be scheduled for the same day.


    Short clip to show you some of the things our Senior HVAC Technician Nyle is checking up when doing a safety inspection on a heating furnace.

    Any furnace that has not been in use for a while must be inspected for carbon monoxide emissions before it is put into winter service.

    CO emlssions are not the only points that our HVAC technicians inspect: many other aspects fo your furnace deserve attention.

    This very short clip is excerpted from a slightly longer video (1’30”) that we potsed on YouTube and on our web page about heating. Click on “Learn More” to see the full version.

    D&H AC offers a full HVAC service, from regular maintenance to emergency repair, to full installation of A/C units with up to 12-year warranty.


    Yes, winter is almost on us, with temperatures falling in the 50s at night. If you are about to start warming up your home in the evening, it’s time for a thorough furnace inspection.

    Your air conditioning system has been subjected to a hot summer, and your furnace has not been inspected since last year. Some of its components may have been damaged by the sun. To be sure you are on the safe side with carbon monoxide emissions (CO), call D&H Air Conditioning to do a professional safety inspection of your furnace.

    Our HVAC technicians are certified professionals and have years of experience under their belt: they can inspect, diagnose, and repair any unit, any make and model, on the spot. If they don’t have a specific part, they can get it same day in most cases.

    So call our hotline to schedule a safety inspection: don’t delay. Better safe than sorry.

    Replacement of an old air conditioning unit by a new Daikin unit, on a flat roof in the Foothills of Tucson.

    We bring a special crane to lift the old unit from the roof, and place it in a cart.

    We will haul it back to D&H where the unit will be prepped for dismantling and recycling. The crane then hoists the nbew Daikin A/C to the roof, where the team has to position it carefully to be fitted with the existing duct work. Our video only show the fitting to the duct work, but not all the electrical hook-ups, and the final fixing of the unit on the flat roof. A little bit of the fantastic view we have from the Catalina Foothills over Tanque Verde from the roof of this traditional Tucson home.

    D&H installs Daikin air conditioners throughout Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, and other neighboring cities. In 60+ years of operations in Tucson, we have installed thousands upon thousands of A/C units made by most of the big manufacturers. Although we repair absolutely all makes and models of air conditioners, we only install Daikin systems because their technology is very advanced, their quality is very high, and they offer the best warranties in the HVAC industry.

    If you think of replacing your old furnace by a new one to spend the coming winter in great comfort, call us! We will send you an experienced HVAC technician to take all the measurements necessary to give you a full proposal, including financing and maintenance options.

    These 5 unusual sounds are warnings that something is wrong with your

    A/C… Learn to recognize them before it’s too late.

    You are in the best position to pick up on anything unusual about the sound of your air conditioning unit. We wrote an article to help you detect a problem early on, and the right time to call us for service (before it’s too late).

    Skilled HVAC technicians are the stars of our company.

    If your HVAC career seems to be going nowhere, if you are not very happy with your work conditions, contact our HR Department:

    D&H may become your new home!

    There is no higher purpose in the job of an HVAC technician than to be serving others…

    Our technician Arturo sharing how gratifying it is to help older folks not to worry about their HVAC.

    Keep your A/C units clean and correctly maintained by a professional at all times. You don’t need the worry of a breakdown. Ask D&H AC about our Family Plan for maintenance. It only costs a few bucks a month, and saves you money and worry.

    The failure of a condenser fan in an HVAC unit needs to be addressed immediately.

    The condenser fan cools off vital parts of the unit: if it fails to start turning when the unit fires up, the heat of the coil will not be dissipated.

    This will lead to severe dysfunctions: warmer air, poor airflow, uncomfortable indoor environment. Energy usage will be driven up, and your power bills will increase. The lifespan of your HVAC will be reduced.

    D&H AC offers a very helpful maintenance plan, the Family Plan, that only costs a few dollars a month, ensures your A/C gets two full maintenance inspections a year, and saves you money on parts and labor.

    Your air conditioning unit must be maintained on a regular schedule, by professional technicians. If you let your A/C run without proper maintenance, you will void your manufacturer warranty and you also risk having to pay for “cascading failures” — when the failure of a part triggers the failure of several other parts.

    Hello Everyone! It is 7:30 AM, and our HVAC technician has loaded his truck with parts and all kinds of tools to repair all air conditioning systems.

    He’s ready to roll out of our fleet park to service our first morning client at 8 AM, in the south part of the Tortolita area!

    Ask D&H AC about the Family Maintenance Plan: It saves you money on parts and labor, and your A/C is maintained to manufacturer’s specifications for a longer lifetime, a higher quality of life, and less energy usage!

    Something you usually don’t see! Our HVAC technician in the attic of a client in the Catalina Foothills, pouring water inside a drain pipe to test for any clog.

    Clogged drain pipes are a major catastrophe for a home because condensation water has nowhere to go.

    The drain pan overflows very quickly and usually creates a huge mess in your walls and ceilings.

    Testing the drainage capacity of your A/C is a required step in all maintenance visits our technical team does. If you don’t have a maintenance contract, consider D&H’s Family Plan: for just a few dollars a month, it offers you great benefits:

    • 2 inspection and maintenance visits per year
    • Discounts on parts and labor
    • Priority scheduling for any service call
    • Savings on power usage because your A/C works at optimmum capacity

    Click on the button below to find out more about our Family Plan, and get your A/C maintained professionally for just a few bucks a month.

    Take good care of your air conditioner.

    After servicing an air conditioner threatening to fail, our HVAC technician summarizes what we did on it.

    We performed regular maintenance on the unit and discovered that the current controller was wildly out of specifications, ready to fail. This type of failure triggers other failures in the system. When the output of a current controller is not sufficient to power the fan of the A/C unit, the motor starts heating up and shuts down. Replacing a motor is very costly deal, whereas replacing a current controller is often covered by the warranty on the air conditioner. The Family Maintenance Plan of D&H saves you money on parts and labor, and keeps your A/C in great working order.
    Video shot in Tucson.

    Our HVAC technician is replacing a current controller gone bad.

    During testing, the old current controller read below manufacturer specifications.

    A bad current controller will cause your A/C unit to break down. If you are under warranty, this controller should be covered. If you are NOT under warranty, call now to ask us about the savings you make with our FAMILY PLAN.
    Current controllers go bad on a regular basis, because of age, exposure to the elements, and spikes in the power grid (e.g. during a storm). They should be tested every single time your HVAC undergoes maintenance.