D&H AC in tucson is a BBB accredited business

Can you come to my home in the Foothills to repair my AC? YES!

D&H Air Conditioning takes care of all makes and models of air conditioners, and our trucks are all over Tucson during the day. The Catalina Foothills is an area we know very well: we have many, many clients from Ina Rd and 1st Avenue to Sunrise Dr and Bear Canyon (and even higher in the mountains).

We always do the maximum to schedule a same-day repair. We have an emergency air conditioning service team on the ready, even at night. If your A/C breaks down at 8 PM (that happens) you can call our number 520-664-3699 and our off-hours Call Center will take charge of your request immediately to send a qualified technician of our emergency team to your home in the shortest possible time.

Do you offer emergency air conditioning repair services?

Yes we do. All clients under our maintenance contract (the “Family Plan”, see below) get priority service. But even if you are not under our Family Plan, we can schedule you on an emergency basis when your A/C does not work properly.

How qualified are your A/C technicians?

Highly! Our HVAC technicians are NATE-certified. They stay current with industry developments, and we ensure they receive ongoing training and full support. Your A/C is in good hands.

Because we only employ certified HVC technicians and train them continuously, we can retain our Daikin certification and receive excellent customer ratings in Google and Angie’s List.

Do you repair old, old, old air conditioners? Like 20-year old?

24 Hour Emergency Services - D&H Air Conditioning and Heating

Yes! Since 1959, we have repaired air conditioners from Lennox, Amana, Trane, Rheem, Goodman, Carrier, American Standard, York, Rudd, Bryant, Mitsubishi, …

And brands that have disappeared today like American Furnace (AFCO), Arkla, Bard, Airtemp, Arco, Coolerator (remember Chuck Berry’s song?), Mayflower, Miller, … and many more.

D&H has been around Tucson since 1959. So we’ve seen all kinds of air conditioning systems, from swamp coolers to the most sophisticated zone management systems of today. We repair all makes and models of air conditioning systems.

How long will it take your A/C technician to come to the Foothills?

If our schedule is not absolutely crazy, we will be there on the same day of your call. It’s difficult to answer this question with precision, because it depends on the season and the temperature, the number of homes we today, and the complexity of the repairs we have to do.

We can tell you with certainty that: (1) We will do our very best to schedule you today; (2) Our trucks are all over the city, so if we can send you someone close to the Foothills, we will absolutely; (3) Our call center takes calls 24/7, so we never stop serving people.

We are in a gated community: is this a problem?

In 60 years of business, we have never had a problem with gated communities.

When you schedule service, let us know and we’ll ask you the gate code.

We are on an unmaintained county road: can your trucks drive on these?

Yes. Now, there are not many unmaintained roads in the Catalina Foothills these days, but we’ve never had any issue with a county road, except once in the history of the company where one of our trucks got stuck on a gnarly, rocky, sandy road in Sahuarita.

Will you have parts for my A/C, even if it’s old?

Yes. It is rare that we miss the parts you need; we usually have them immediately available on our trucks. When you call, we ask you the make and model of your air conditioner (and other questions). Your anwers help us determine what truck we need to send, and what parts are likely to be needed. We come well prepared to the fight!

If there is an issue with the availability of parts, as it sometimes happen with very old A/C units, We’ll still try to fix the issue temporarily so that you have A/C, until we find a durable solution for you.

If we can’t repair immediately because some essential part is broken and unavailable (like the blower motor, or the evap coil of an old brand), we have well-established relationships with many dealers and resellers in the country, to help us source the part your A/C needs.

Does it ever happen that you can’t fix an AC?

It happens. Sometimes, repairing is not an option anymore. The air conditioner is way too old, it completely falls apart, it costs way too much to repair, and it’s absolutely uneconomical to keep running it. Your power bills are humongous and there is no end in sight to the headaches.

At that time, we simply advise you to replace the unit. We have several solutions, including 0% financing, no-money-down solutions, with embedded maintenance contracts so that you never will find yourself in the same situation again.

If you don’t like what we have, we’ll make a technical recommendation for you to look in the right direction.

Do you service the community I live in?

We serve all communities in the Catalina Foothills, no exception.

We have clients in the following communities (for reasons of privacy, we can’t confirm or deny that your neighbor is a client of ours).

If you don’t find your own community in this list, that’s because our webmaster was too lazy to make a complete list (call us to let us know, we’ll add yours!):

List of communities served by D&H AC in the Catalina Foothills

• Alta Vista  • Bellas Catalinas  • Bonita Ridge  • Canyon Ridge  • Canyon View Estates  • Catalina Foothills Estates  • Catalina Foothills Estates 10  • Cobblestone Homes  • Coronado Foothills Estates  • Country Club Vista  • Fairfield in the Foothills  • Finisterra Homes  • Foothills II  • La Paloma  • La Puerta on Hacienda Del Sol  • Pima Canyon  • Pinnacle Ridge  • Ridge at Ventana Canyon  • River Oak Estates  • River View Estates  • Shadow Hills  • Shadow Roc  • Sin Vacas  • Skyline Bel Air Estates  • Skyline Homes  • Sunrise Presidio East  • Tanuri Ridge  • The Canyons  • The Summit at Finger Rock  • Ventana Homes  • Villa Milano Homes  • Villages of Ventana  • Westward Look Guest Ranch

Will your technician arrive at our appointment on time?

D&H client and technician

Phil (client), Tim (D&H Tech), and Brett (D&H President) on the truck

Yes! We schedule within a 3-hour time frame, and we give you a call 1 hour before your appointment to update you on our technician schedule.

Our technician also calls you 30 minutes before he/she arrives at your home, so that you are always updated. This system works well, and we are very punctual. It’s a mark of respect that is part of our company’s code of ethics.

Our call center people are very good at scheduling, and our air conditioning technicians are master at their trade: they have a very good sense of how long it will take to fix a problem when they have the right information.

What can D&H’s air conditioning maintenance contract do for me?

Our maintenance contract (called the “Family Plan”) decreases the cost of keeping your air conditioning unit well maintained, and helps extending its lifespan. It also helps lower your power bills as your A/C keeps running as close as possible to manufacturer’s specifications.

D&H’s Family Plan costs only a few bucks a month, less than 4 trips to the coffee place that serves delicious (but sugar-heavy) caramel macciato lattes.

The Family Plan also saves you money on parts, when old age and the unforgiving weather of Tucson ruin a component of your AC.

CALL OUR HOTLINE AT 520-664-3699 to schedule your emergency air conditioning repair right away. We’ll be at your home soon!


We made a short video of the installation of a Daikin air conditioner on a flat roof of a residence in the Foothills of Tucson.

Our video shows the removal of the old unit, and the hoisting and installation of the new Daikin unit, the positioning of the new unit on the roof, and the connection with the existing ducts.

D&H Air Conditioning has been repairing, maintaining and replacing air conditioners in Tucson for the past 62 years. We bring to your home the local experience of a company born in Tucson and a crew manned up with Certified HVAC technicians. Call us for any air conditioning-related needs and indoor air quality testing and improvement.

The video is visible in the Photos section.