Are you looking for a rewarding career opportunity with a leading
air conditioning service company in the Tucson metro area?

D&H offers Air Conditioning Service in Tucson and HVAC Jobs and Careers

D&H AC may offer the HVAC jobs and career enhancement opportunities
you are looking for, within a strong team of Certified Technicians.



• HVAC Service Manager

• Plumbing Operations Manager

• Lead Installers

• HVAC Service Technicians

• Call Center Representatives

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Our Air Conditioning Specialists share their stories
Why did they all decide to take HVAC jobs at D&H AC?

Why do good, qualified people change company?

Our Air Conditioning Repair Specialist Moises shares that he wanted more than an HVAC job…

If you are looking for a career enhancement, this could be for you too…

Our Air Conditioning Repair Specialist Kalem shares what he likes at D&H AC.

This could be part of your experience on our team too!

Did you know D&H AC employs a full-time metal fabricator?

‘Thor’, our metalworker extraordinaire, doing what he does best!

Cutting, bending, welding ducts, brackets and all kinds of parts needed to fix an air conditioning unit to a roof, an attic or a concrete pad.

Our HVAC technician, Arturo, shares why he decided to change career, and move from his position as Service Advisor at a car dealership to become a full-fledge HVAC Specialist.

HVAC is a very open industry, where training to become a competent technician remains affordable, and where salaries enable young people to start life in a better position than a college graduate with an impractical degree.

Consider the number of HVAC jobs open in your market. This is a good, rewarding career.

Being an HVAC technician and repairing people’s air conditioning brings a real benefit to their lives.

When their A/C break, people have to call for emergency service as temperature in their homes can quickly reach to the mid-80s levels.

Arturo, who shares his experience in this video, sees part of the rewards of his work as an HVAC technician in the thankfulness of his clients.

Relocating to Tucson: a great place to live in

Our social media manager, Melissa, shot and edited this video of our city. Tucson is recognized as one of the 10 best places to move to in the United States. Our city offers an affordable cost of living, sunny weather all year round, lots of outdoor activities, and great Southwestern and Mexican food eateries.

Housing costs are currently rising, but it’s from a low base so housing affordability remains high. There are plenty of new communities being built around the city, and since the headquarters of D&H Air Conditioning are located at the intersection of the 2 highways skirting Tucson (i-10 and i-19), it’s possible to live outside the city, in an affordable newer subdivision, and have access to all the school, shopping, medical facilities, etc, and still be within an easy commuting distance from our headquarters.

If you are a certified HVAC technician with some experience under your belt, and you are thinking of relocating from where you live currently, feel welcome to call our HR department to discuss your situation. We have open HVAC jobs almost all year round.