Heating and Cooling: D&H is a Trusted Name in Tucson

There are many air conditioning companies in Tucson able to perform a heating inspection, but D&H has a couple of unique features that work to your advantage:

      • We are one of the very few HVAC companies that has a 60-year history in Tucson.
      • We have a long experience of the winter season the Tucson region.
      • Our HVAC technicians are NATE-certified; you receive top professional service.
      • We are in good standing with the Arizona Registry of Contractors and the Better Business Bureau.
      • We are not a “fly by night”, “2 chucks and a truck” operation. We’ve been here since 1959.
      • Our technicians can repair ANY furnace, ANY A/C, whatever the make and model.
      • We offer the latest energy-saving A/C technology on the market.
      • We offer the longest parts & labor warranties in the industry.

Demonstration of a heating furnace safety inspection

Just for our website visitors, we created this short (1 minute 30 seconds) video clip explaining what our technicians do when they perform a safety inspection on a furnace.

Take a minute to watch it: it was shot in the special training lab D&H built for our personnel. The lab replicates the conditions of a residence. We continuously train our HVC technicians on best practices. The lab we built in our corporate premises is absolutely unique in the nation: our technicians are evaluated on their performance on all parts of a heating and cooling inspection : the technical steps, but also the way they present themselves to our clients, the respect with which they treat our clients and their home, the “leave no traces behind” clean-up after their inspection, and any follow-up visit if an A/C unit or a furnace can’t be immediately repaired due to having to order a part from the manufacturer.

If you prefer to contact us by high-speed response message

    D&H AC is a BBB accredited heating and cooling company

    Why are safety inspections so important?

    D&H offers our clients a maintenance contract that ensures they will benefit from inspections of their air conditioner twice a year. We have a long-standing record of advising our clients to make sure their air conditioning units are well maintained throughout the year, for many reasons:

          • A well-maintained A/C functioning at manufacturer’s specifications consumes less energy.
          • When you keep your A/C maintained, you slow down the inevitable wear-and-tear on parts.
          • An air conditioner that is kept working at factory specifications presents a lower risk of major malfunctions.
          • Air conditioning systems use refrigerants that are costly to replace: it makes economic sense to avoid leaks.
          • HVAC manufacturers require that your A/C is professionally maintained, or their warranties become voided.
          • There is a safety component to operating a gas furnace: the emissions of carbon monoxide have to be controlled.

    This last reason is the key reason why we absolutely recommend our clients to have their heating and cooling system inspected twice a year, and especially before winter, when they will start up their furnace.

    Furnaces are safe when operated at factory specifications. But when they are not maintained adequately, they present a dangerous risk. Furnaces emit carbon monoxide, which is an odorless poisonous gas. Even in small quantities, this gas makes people sick and can even kill them. The CDC estimates that each year, 50,000+ Americans are hospitalized and several hundreds die because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The problem is to keep these emissions to a safe level, which is why regular furnace maintenance and safety inspections are absolutely crucial.

    Why can’t Uncle Bill do these inspections?

    Unless Uncle Bill is a qualified HVAC technician, he won’t be able to perform these safety inspections correctly. Hiring a professional, NATE-certified HVAC technician to ensure the safety of your air conditioner makes good sense. Safety is not something to treat as a joke. Carbon monoxide emissions are toxic and they can kill. Any badly maintained air conditioner will NOT operate at safe levels, and at factory specifications: they will start making weird noises, they will lose their efficiency, they will use much more power than necessary to get the same level of heating and cooling, and they will also deteriorate more rapidly as unusual wear-and-tear is not spotted in time and remedied with the correct parts.

    You would not trust your dentist to repair your car, and your car mechanic to fix your cavities. Why call Uncle Bill or any other non-professional to perform such a crucial maintenance?

    As a matter of fact, if you ever need your factory warranty to cover a defective part, your service records will be used to establish that your air conditioner was properly, professionally inspected and maintained. If you can’t show that your inspections and maintenance were done on time and regularly, by a reputable HVAC company, chances are your warranties can be voided and you may wind up having to pay for parts out of pocket.

    Emergency Service and 24/7 Availability

    There are other benefits in trusting your air conditioning service and repairs to D&H. If an emergency situation occurs when your A/C starts malfunctioning, we have the teams and the trucks to get to your home within hours, and bring your A/C back to life. This is because we are a long-established company, with enough resources to ensure emergency air conditioning repair service.

    We also offer 24/7 repair service. You can call our call center at night and in most cases, we can send a furnace technician to your home with everything needed to resolve the issue.

    24/7 emergency service


    Is your furnace safe? No gas leak? No carbon monoxide?

    This is the time of the year when we are about to start heating our home. Our furnace has not been operating for 10 months. Is is still safe?
    Sun and heat have been pretty bad this summer, and the components of your HVAC system have taken a beating.
    It is safe to perform an inspection for potential gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions from the furnace. Considering the risks, it would be foolish to take a chance.
    According to weather forecasts, the winter will be harsh this year. Your furnace will be working overtime to maintain your home temperature at optimum level. Now is the time to do these inspections: don’t wait until a problem arises. Call D&H to perform a thorough furnace inspection, to check that everything component of your A/C system is in good working order, no leaks of any kind.
    Call D&H at the number below to schedule your furnace inspection.


    With temps in Tucson falling to the 50s at night, many of us have already turned the heat on. But are we safe using our furnace?

    Furnaces emits combustion gases, including CO, or carbon monoxide. In the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century, people used to heat their homes with fireplaces, and wood or coal stoves. These produced soot and carbon monoxide due to an inefficient combustion process. When the stoves weren’t properly cleaned up and maintained, they generated more CO, and people would die of CO poisoning, not knowing what caused their becoming sick.

    Even today, the CDC estimates that each year, over 50,000 Americans have to go to the ER due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Our modern furnaces have a much more efficient combustion process, and they use gas. Their efficiency and the type of fuel they use reduce CO emissions and soot production. But these furnaces still have to be maintained by professionals who will test them for CO emissions. These steps — maintenance and testing — protect your home and family from dramatic events.

    As we turn on the heat and blast our furnace, it is time to get it completely inspected, cleaned up and tested. Call D&H Air Conditioning to schedule a visit by a professional HVAC technician. Don’t wait, call now.


    This Daikin heat pump is enabling each room in this home to be air-conditioned independently from each other.

    Each room is fit with its own ductless unit, creating 4 different temperature zones in the house. The residence we installed this system in is built on the Marana plateau (ZIP: 85653), just south of Avra Valley. There is no shielding from wind and sun, only a partial protection by the hills of the Saguaro National Park on the east side.

    This leaves the home very exposed to weather conditions, and each room receives its own exposure to sun, wind and cold during the day, varying season by season. Under these conditions, it makes a lot of sense to install a multi-zone air conditioning system as the indoor temperature will depend on exposure at any given moment of the day.

    This Daikin heat pump offers at 17.7 SEER rating, ensuring a good efficiency for a multi-zone system. Integrated with an inverter variable speed compressor, this system typically reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to traditional fixed speed systems.

    Call D&H to receive more information about eerngy savings with your air conditioner. With energy rates climbing fast, this is not a good time to keep underperforming systems in your home — especially if you live in the northwest area (Marana, Dove Mountain, Oro Valley, Picture Rocks). Click on the CALL button below.


    The Daikin DP14HM packaged heat pump has an energy-efficient compressor, a single-stage heating and cooling, a multi-speed ECM blower motor, and an all-aluminum evaporator coil.

    This heat pump system is rated 14 SEER.

    WARRANTIES: Daikin comes with the best warranties among the HVAC manufacturers.
    12 Year Compressor
    12 Year Parts
    1 Year Labor
    2 Year Unit Replacement if the compressor fails

    D&H AC rolls in a maintenance agreement when we install your new A/C unit, so that you don’t have to worry about its operation at maximum efficiency.

    We just installed this unit on a roof in the Catalina Foothills, in the Los Ranchos Perkins community (85718). Due to the higher exposure to the sun (roof-mounted unit, elevated area), we added a Sun Shield to enhance protection against ultraviolet rays.

    WHY IS THIS a good time to consider replacing your older A/C system? Air conditioners lose a bit of their efficiency every year. With energy prices going up, the more efficient your HVAC system is, the less your utility bills. D&H AC offers many solutions tailored to your exact needs. Call our hotline to discuss with a technician and see what options are available to you.


    Another successful rooftop installation in less than a day, in the south area of Oro Valley.

    This Daikin DP16 Heat Pump was selected based on several technology benefits:

    • Two-stage heating and cooling
    • Variable speed blow motor
    • 3 tons of A/C
    • 16 SEER efficiency
    • Long warranties

    The unit was hoisted on the roof of the house using a special 75-ft crane. We removed the existing AC unit before, and we will dispose of its material for recycling.
    The heat pump is protected from the sun exposure by Sun Shield, and we installed flex connectors to provide the necessary flexibility between components.
    D&H AC will ensure the maintenance of the Heat Pump and all associated systems, to keep it operating at optimum capacity.

    • 12 years for the compressor
    • 12 years for all parts
    • 3 years for the labor
    • 6 years with unit replacement if the compressor fails.
    These warranties are the best on the market.

    Do you think your air conditioner might be on its last leg? Call D&H for a complimentary evaluation of your needs. We will take the measurements, understand your needs and budget, and make a recommendation based on all factors. We are not pushy salespeople. Over 60 years in Tucson and Oro Valley, we have seen all types of homes, and installed all types of air conditioners. Call us, we coudl install your new A/C in less than a day of work.