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AC Repair Service in Marana: D&H rated for years among the best HVAC companies

This page is specifically designed for local residents in need of emergency A/C repair. If you hear your A/C doing any kind of clunky rattle or a noise that you never heard before, do not wait: use the discount coupons available on our site to benefit from our best rates, and call our hotline at 520-664-3699 mmediately.

Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are ready 24/7 to provide full air conditioning service on your A/C, whatever its make and model. We have serviced all manufacturers’ models since 1959.

The age of your A/C does not matter either: we repair air conditioners over 20 years old. We even repair swamp coolers that were probably built with the home in which they are installed.

The company that installed your A/C does not matter. In our 60+ years of existence, we have serviced thousands of air conditioning units installed by HVAC companies that went out of business way before the A/C needed repairs!

Customer service areas in Marana

We perform air conditioning service for residential clients around the following neighborhoods in the north of Marana:

Payson Farms, Rancho Marana, Fiancheto Farms, Farm Field Five, Gladden Farms (including around Stonegate Park, and Postvale Rd/Tangerine Farms), El Rio at Continental Ranch, Cancion de la Luna, La Puerta del Norte, Acacia Trails, Continental Ranch, and Silvermoon.

In the center and the south of Marana, we repair all air conditioning units in the neighborhoods of:

Continental Reserve and Sunset Ranch Estates, Sombrero Peak, Continental Estate Parcel, Silverbell Place

Specials available to residents of Marana

When you call our Hotline at 520-664-3699 for emergency AC repair service, use these coupon.

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Pre-book your HVAC technician for ac repair service using the calendar below.
We will call you back shortly to confirm the appointment.

Marana residents: you can lower the cost of maintaining and repairing your air conditioning unit

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars fixing an air conditioning system that went down just because it wasn’t properly maintained, you need to set up a professional maintenance schedule with an air conditioning company that will send you NATE Certified technicians.

Keeping your air conditioning well-maintained by accredited professional HVAC technicians on a regular schedule is mandatory to continue benefiting from the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty.

HVAC manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t get your system maintained all year long. Take a look at your paperwork. This is a contractual requirement by the manufacturer of your unit.

The first measure to take to lower the cost of maintaining your a/c: make sure that it does not fail just because it wasn’t properly maintained.

If you are already out of warranty:  

This is the case when you bought your system but the manufacturer’s warranty expired before the lifespan of your system.

It is still possible to get some coverage under a maintenance agreement: it is not the same as a warranty, but a good maintenance agreement will (a) ensure that NATE-Certified technicians inspect and tune-up your system on a regular basis, looking for any faulty parts, and (b) when a part needs to be replaced, you get it at a discount.

There are plenty of air conditioning repair companies in Tucson and Marana, so you have a choice. At D&H Air Conditioning, we hope that you give our company a shot at becoming your official air conditioning repair service company. Many of your neighbors have, and we can give you references.


The D&H Family Plan:  A low-cost plan to keep your air conditioning serviced the right way

D&H AC offers a system check plan named “Family Plan”. Under this contract, we come twice a year to inspect your HVAC system from the top down. When the season changes, we do a tune-up, and we test all components of the system to ensure they function properly.

Experience shows that just one failing component can trigger a series of huge problems, like one falling domino makes all other dominos fall, leading to catastrophic A/C failure. When this happens, this usually costs several hundreds dollars.

Our Family Plan deals with this risk: we test all components and identify risks of critical failure. When necessary, we give you a list of parts that present issues and could break down. We offer to replace those parts at a discount. By doing so, we prevent costly catastrophic failures. You always have a choice to not follow our recommendations.

If your system has not been installed and maintained by us, and your need an AC repair or a furnace repair, call us: we will make sure you get the same level of excellent service as if we had installed it and maintained it.

Proper maintenance of an A/C system under a maintenance contract saves money. We serve hundreds of clients in Marana, probably even your neighbor.

Our trucks can regularly be seen in your neighborhood:

D&H Trucks - Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service in Marana

Is your own neighbordhood in the lists above?

If this is the case, please use the coupons on this site and when our NATE-certified technician comes to your home, ask him about our Family Plan. It won’t be a waste of time. On the contrary, it will save you bundles in the future.

Marana locals: Give us a call at 520-664-3669 to inquire about our Family Plan for any air conditioning repair service your HVAC may need. D&H Air Conditioning serves the air conditioning needs of Southern Arizona since 1959.



• If you live in the north of Marana, and you need immediate medical attention because of overheating or dehydration, go to  the Northwest Emergency Center

• If you live in the center or South or Marana, and you need immediate medical care, check out any of these resources:

Marana Health Center (W Orange Grove and N La Cholla), Banner University Medical Center (N Campbell and E Speedway), or Carondelet St Mary’s Hospital (Silverbell and St Mary’s Rd)

• If you think you have COVID-19, please follow the official recommendations of Pima County to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors, and the first responders who will serve you.


D&H Air Conditioning: 60 years of faithfully providing emergency AC repair service in Marana and cities all over the Tucson metro area.

Access maps to D&H Service Center on S. Evans Blvd

Sunflower Ridge Rd to D&H Air Conditioning & Heating, 3990 S Evans Blvd Tucson, AZ 85714

N Silverbell Rd to D&H Air Conditioning & Heating, 3990 S Evans Blvd Tucson, AZ 85714

Gladden Farms to D&H Air Conditioning & Heating, 3990 S Evans Blvd Tucson, AZ 85714


We installed in Marana this beautiful Daikin DX16TC, a whole house air conditioner paired with a gas furnace for a 17 SEER efficiency.

The Daikin gas furnace includes a variable-speed blower motor that lowers yours power usage. At the time when each dollar count, you certainly don’t need to spend more money than necessary on your power bill. A more efficient gas furnace will help you control your power usage better.

Call D&H AC to more information about our air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas packages.