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Catalina, AZ is on the service route of the HVAC technicians of D&H Air Conditioning. The Google Map shows some of the neighborhoods in which you can see our truck any day of the year.

The town is somewhat more exposed to weather elements than Tucson itself because of its elevation. The wind blows stronger, which creates issues with debris, dust, and brush in the drain lines and the A/C units outdoor.

It is very important that you have your air conditioner regularly inspected and cleaned up, making sure the drain lines are not clogged, and the evap coil remains unencumbered.

D&H Air Conditioning has repaired air conditioning units here since the early days of our company, and we know some of your neighbors by name.

We maintain and repair all makes and models of air conditioners, so if you are living here, don’t hesitate to call us in case you need emergency a/c repair service.

We are open or have technicians on call 24/7 and will service your air conditioner 7/7, 365/365.

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D&H AC Repair fleet can be seen in Catalina AZ

Benefits of the Family Maintenance Plan

The Family Maintenance Plan of D&H Air Conditioning is a great way to keep your air conditioning unit maintained on a regular schedule, without having to spend a lot of money.

It is also the better way to handle ac repair service: when parts fail due to wear and tear, replacing them can be costly. Under the Family Maintenance Plan, you get good discounts on parts and labor.

Learn more about about this unique, affordable air conditioning maintenance plan here.

Schedule a Maintenance Call or an AC Repair Visit in Catalina

Using the calendar below, pre-schedule your HVAC technician for repair your air conditioner: we will confirm the appointment by phone with you.

Lowering the cost of repairing your air conditioning

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars fixing an air conditioner that just broke down because it wasn’t properly serviced? No one.

Our advice: set up a professional maintenance agreement with an air conditioning company that will send you NATE-certified HVAC technicians.

Did you know that keeping your air conditioner well-maintained by accredited HVAC technicians on a regular schedule is mandatory to continue benefiting from your manufacturer warranty?

The major HVAC manufacturers will void your warranty if your air conditioning system is not properly maintained all year long. Take a look at your paperwork: there is a provision in there making it your obligation to get your A/C repaired and maintained professionally.

How to lower the cost of maintenance during the lifetime of your unit? Get it properly inspected, cleaned-up and tuned up.

It will reduce wear and tear, and help your system to operate close to factory specifications — an excellent way to lower your power bills!

Your air conditioning wears down faster and requires more energy to operate at your set temperature when it is not maintained and cleaned up correctly. All its components have to work extra time to produce the desired cooling, just because dust and debris make it harder for each of the parts to function at normal levels.


How to deal with Out-of-Warranty units

Not all manufacturer warranties are the same. Some expire after 7 years, most after 10 years, and a few manufacturers offer 12-year warranties. This is the case of Daikin, the major brand represented by D&H AC in Tucson. Daikin offers the best warranties on the market.

But what if Is your A/C is out of warranty? There are 2 ways to take care of the problem.

1- Place your AC under a good maintenance agreement: a serious maintenance plan will provide good coverage. It is not the same as a manufacturer warranty, but a good maintenance plan will (a) ensure that NATE-Certified technicians inspect and tune-up your system on a regular basis, detect and replace faulty parts; (b) when parts need to be replaced, you will benefit from a discount on parts and labor.

Give D&H Air Conditioning a fair shot at becoming your AC repair service. With 60 years of history in the Tucson metro area (including Catalina), we have withstood the test of time. We can probably give you some good references in your own neighborhood. We also repair all makes and models of air conditioners.

2- Consider replacing your unit. Although it is common for AC systems manufactured by major brands to outlast their original warranty, it is also a fact that these units tend to fail more often and cost more to operate. Wear and tear can’t be avoided: it can only be reduced.

The longer you operate an air conditioner, the more likely you will have to replace small parts that cost $100 to $300 each. When your system is 12-15 years old, this is when the big components start failing. These parts can be very expensive, reaching into $1000 to $2000 with labor.

This is not economical to operate an old air conditioner: it seems like you are saving money by not replacing it, but in fact the parts to be replace will cost you more money, and the power usage of your unit will increase as its efficiency decreases. So your power bills will increase.

New air conditioning units can be financed, often at advantageous conditions. Having a new A/C has many advantages, including: • full warranty coverage on parts and labor  • lower power usage  • smarter technology  • additional comfort in your home  • additional value when you want to sell your home.


Catalina locals: Give us a call at 520-664-3699 to inquire about our Family Maintenance Plan and for any AC repair service you may need. D&H Air Conditioning serves your city and all cities around Tucson since 1959.