Secret to Healthier Skin:The Air Quality in Your Home

THE PROBLEM – We only protect our skin before going outside. But did you know that indoor air is loaded with pollutants and skin aggressors?

We breathe an estimated 10,000 liters of air every single minute inside our homes. This could do more damage to our skin, sleep, and general health than outdoor air on a clear day.

THE SCIENCE – Polluted air promotes free radicals. They trigger chemical reactions that can cause skin inflammation and premature aging.

Our desert climate also contributes to the process, as dry air dehydrates the skin, thins down the epidermal layer, slows skin cell regeneration, and hinders moisture retention.

THE REMEDY – D&H Air Conditioning offers an all-inclusive Health & Beauty solution for healthier and younger looking skin, improved sleep, and overall better health: SKIN CAIR.

The SKIN CAIR package immediately improves indoor air quality. You can feel the change right away, no matter what room you’re in.

SKIN CAIR: Invisible, Yet So Present

SKIN CAIR is an invisible solution, embedded in your air conditioning.

The application integrates 3 components that clean your indoor air, and increase humidity for better skin hydration.

Out of sight… but not out of mind.

You will quickly feel the effect of this powerful technology.

SKIN CAIR: 3 Building Blocks for Healthy Indoor Air

Aerus Air Purifier
Air Purifier

This hospital-grade UV lamp kills bacteria, allergens and pollutants you really don’t want in a home (e.g. tuberculosis, coronaviruses).

Pristine Air Filter
Air Filter

This filter catches microscopic particles like dust, household chemicals, etc., by clumping them together with electricity.

Honeywell Steam Humidpro
Steam Humidpro

This humidifier creates steam to deliver a comfortable level of humidification around your home through your A/C ducts.

Healthy Indoor Air: More Than Skin-Deep

SKIN CAIR purifies the air you breathe 24/7 in your entire home. No standalone air purifier can give you that level of healthy air quality.

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