Here is a sound advice from D&H, the “air conditioning repair company near me”. This advice will save you money. A lot of money.

As we enter 2019, our temperatures have dropped down to freezing. Air conditioning units have switched from pushing cold air to blowing heat. Your furnace or heater is now operating, hopefully, at full capacity.


If you feel your heater is not blowing heat as efficiently as it should, or if your electric bill is skyrocketing above the normal year-end peak, this may be a sign you need a trained, NATE Certified HVAC technician to take a good look at your unit and diagnose any need for repair or tune-up. Your heater hasn’t been in operation for 10 months or so, and it probably needs a little TLC.


Just as a quick help, we have a coupon available that will entitle you to a $60 discount on any HVAC repair you may have to do. Check it out on this page, and show this coupon when you call D&h at [phone] to dispatch a certified air conditioning technician in short order. At any time during the day, we have multiple trucks on the road in the Tucson metro area and south of Tucson in Green Valley , Sahuarita, Vail, etc to be at your home within a very short time.


We add new trucks and new certified air conditioning technicians to our team every year so that when you say “I need an air conditioning repair company near me“, D&H AC shows up in your phone or on your computer.


The D&H AC truck are very recognizable with their big red white and blue colors, the D&H AC logo and the photo of our President, Brett Wright. He stakes his personal reputation behind the work of our company.


D&H Air Conditioning: Our Fleet on the Road to repair your A/C quickly


Here is what our HVAC technician will do upon arriving at your home, to inspect your system:

  • Inspect blower
  • Verify refrigerant charge
  • Inspect exposed duct work
  • Clean air filters
  • Inspect belts/pulleys
  • Inspect defrost timer
  • Test reversing valve
  • Test auxiliary heat strips
  • Check defrost timer
  • Test compressor
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Measure & record temperature differentials
  • Test capacitors
  • Clean condenser drain
  • Test crank case heater
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect power disconnect
  • Inspect MEG OHM compressor
  • Verify contactor
  • Verify relays


These are 21 critical components of your heater than can go bad and break your entire unit, or function at a less-than-optimum level and trigger a large increase in power usage and in your power bill.


The bad news is that repairing an A/C unit can become very costly: typically, some of these critical components go progressively bad due to harsh weather, and as their performance go sub-par it triggers “cascading issues”. one failure here will force another component to work harder… until it breaks and triggers a failure in the next component. This is how major failures occur. Don’t let your A/C unit go this way. Call before the problem, get an inspection and tune-up.


D&H AC is known in Tucson and Southern Arizona to help homeowners avoid these issues with our Guardian HVAC Maintenance Plan. We encourage you to act preventively: call us for a diagnostic before it’s too late and your A/C unit requires major repairs. Call us for an inspection of the air conditioning unit, we’ll test these 21 critical components, find any sub-par performance (if there is a problem), and advise you on what to replace urgently or in the future. We will propose a Guardian Maintenance Plan that will give you the following benefits:

  • Expert service
  • ‘Front of Line’ service
  • Preferential scheduling
  • Discounts on service calls
  • Extended repair guarantees


You will remain absolutely free in your choice of providers, of course, and we won’t be pushy. We simply know that a good air conditioning maintenance agreement works better for you in the short and in the long run: it keeps your system operating at an optimal level, and it lowers your repair bills, your power bills, and your need to call in an emergency.


Again, whether your home and the unit that needs repair are located in the SE of Tucson or in the NW in Oro Valley or Marana, we have enough trucks on the road at all times to be the “air conditioning repair company near me”.


Operating as a successful air conditioning company since 1959, D&H provides heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and replacement services to Tucsonans without bothering people’s daily routine. Call our technical center at [phone], ask to speak with a specialist to explain the problem your A/C unit is showing.


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