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HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance the correct way

Guardian Planned Maintenance extends the life of your equipment and reduces your operating costs and repairs. Our air conditioning maintenance plans are available on your new system or existing equipment regardless of the brand or who installed it.  Even if we did not install your air conditioning and heating system, you can still call D&H Air Conditioning hotline at (520) 408-2665 and request a free evaluation/estimate of the cost of our Guardian Planned Maintenance program for your specific installation. 

Strong air conditioning maintenance prevents breaking the bank

Lack of maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems is the #1 cause of system breakdowns.

Regardless of the age, brand or even who installed your existing equipment, keeping it maintained saves you money. In fact, equipment manufacturers require planned maintenance to validate and preserve their equipment warranties. The good news is it’s never too late (or too soon) to start a proper maintenance plan.

When you sign up for our planned air conditioning maintenance program, this is what you receive:

  • Expert service
  • ‘Front of Line’ service
  • Preferential scheduling
  • Discounts on service calls
  • Extended repair guarantees
  • …And much more!

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Experience pays off for you

With an experience of almost 60 years in installing, maintaining and replacing air conditioning and heating systems in the greater Tucson area, we can safely say we have seen absolutely ALL sorts of issues with air conditioning systems; Our very extensive experience gives us an edge over almost all other HVAC companies in the region. There is not a single problem we haven’t seen in all these years. Any part of an HVAC system can break and create problems for other parts, starting cascading issues that usually wind up with very costly repairs.

As years went by, air conditioning brands have started to limit their warranties because of cascading issues: a badly maintained system causes problems in another system and another system, etc. In the end, manufacturers were forced to change entire systems for issues that could have been dealt with very easily from the get-go. Planned air conditioning maintenance is the antidote for cascading issues: when an A/C system does not operate optimally in any compartment, planned maintenance and failure detection systems isolate critical issues before they contaminate other parts of the system and become extremely costly to repair. Air conditioning brands such as Daikin publish maintenance guidelines that are very useful.

The latest generation of air conditioning systems give advance warnings of possible system failures and transmit these warnings to a central monitoring system. This enables air conditioning specialists like D&H to be alerted early of a malfunction or the sub-par operation of a sub-system, and to intervene early enough to avoid catastrophic failures outside of warranty clauses.

The difference between a well-maintained air conditioning system within a thorough planned maintenance program (like our Guardian Planned Maintenance program) and a badly maintained system is the cost for the owner. Most manufacturers (if not all of them) will NOT cover warranty repairs due to a lack of preventative maintenance. In such a case, homeowners may have to foot a bill that can reach into the thousands of dollars. In commercial and industrial installations, these cost can mount up very quickly. Daikin knows this and offers maintenance plans through approved Comfort Advisors like D&H Air Conditioning.

It just makes “dollar sense” to equip yourself with a great air conditioning maintenance plan that is thorough enough to detect the issues BEFORE they occur, and prevent them by replacing parts that are becoming too worn out to fulfill their function at a 100% performance level. Our Guardian Planned Maintenance program prevents those costly bills and complete system failures by assuring you of thorough inspections through the year, replacement of parts before they fail, and an overall great level of performance to lower your air conditioning bills.


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