D&H AC: Air Conditioning Service in Green Valley, AZ

Why do many residents in Green Valley trust D&H AC to perform repairs on their air conditioners? The story is short and long.

Back when Green Valley was founded, in 1964, D&H was a small HVAC contractor with just a few years of operation in Tucson. We had a few clients along the Old Nogales Highway, and during the 60s, we occasionally pushed down to Sahuarita and the new community of Green Valley to help older folks with air conditioning service. Green Valley was mostly a retirement community, back in the days.

Over the years, D&H AC formed a lot of relationships on “Reservation” land, and we progressively extended our service footprint along I-19, all the way to what was Calabazas and would eventually become Rio Rico. Green Valley was developing into a larger and larger community; word-of-mouth worked in our favor and more households requested our air conditioning services in the area.

Our HVAC technician pre-booking calendar below is open to anyone who prefers to book online than to call our hotline. Please select a day, and one of our service representatives will call you to set up the time. We do our best to come to your home within a timeframe that is convenient for you.

Green Valley residents: How to decrease the cost of keeping your air conditioning system running well

You can keep your A/C unit working as intended by its manufacturer even if, over time, its performance will inevitably decrease. As weather elements and simple wear and tear take their toll over parts and electronics, its SEER number (i.e. its efficiency at cooling and heating your home) will go down. It is commonly said inthe HVAC industry that your system will lose 1 SEER per year.  That’s not automatically the case, but that’s a sort of rule of thumb. This means that as years pass by, your air conditioner will take more time to cool down your home, and will use more power for longer periods of time.

Your can slow down this inevitable deterioration in performance by keeping your unit well-maintained and cleaned-up by professional HVAC technicians. If you don’t, there are 2 major consequences: (a) Parts in your A/C system will break down much faster; (b) your manufacturer warranty could be voided.

One of the most common issues our HVAC technicians meet when they come to a home in which the A/C has not been properly maintained is that one single part has failed, and triggered other failures in the system. Instead of just costing the price of one part, the homeowners may have to replace multiple parts. that’s a very unnecessary expense, that could be easily avoided by detecting problems even before the first part wears down.

For instance, a failure to keep clean what is called the “evaporation coil” in your system, will prevent it from absorbing the heat from the air in your house at its normal rate. This strains the motor by forcing it to work longer to achieve the desired temperature, and results in an accelerated wear and tear as well as higher utility bills. A simple regular clean-up would avoid this costly problem.

Keeping your air conditioning well-maintained by accredited professional HVAC technicians on a regular schedule is mandatory to continue benefiting from the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty. HVAC manufacturers routinely void their warranty if a system has not been properly maintained all year long. Read your paperwork : this is almost always a contractual requirement from the manufacturer of your unit.

To lower the cost of keeping your A/C running well, keep your warranty and decrease you energy usage, it is highly recommended that you subscribe a maintenance contract with a professional HVAC installer.

D&H’s Family Plan:  A contract to get the right air conditioning service

D&H AC offers a performance maintenance plan named “Family Plan”. Under this contract, we come twice a year to inspect your HVAC system from the top down. When the season changes, we do a tune-up, and we test all components of the system to ensure they function properly. We give you priority service, and additional discounts in labor and parts. All this for pennies a day. You can call our hotline at [phone] to ask all the questions you need about our Family Plan

You can also click here to take a deeper look at the benefits of our Family Plan to maintain your air conditioning in the best possible condition.

Air Conditioning Service: the Family Plan

D&H AC has been servicing Green Valley since the 1960s…

When our HVAC technicians come back from Green Valley to our service centers, they have many stories related to air conditioning service in the area. We decided to share some.

Today our HVAC technician was at Green Valley at an assisted living facility, in the areas of Santa Rira Springs and De Anza Links (AZ 85614). Upon arrival, he found the evaporative coils were frozen. He thawed coils using warm water, with a sprayer to remove ice. After full thawing, he started the system in cooling mode, tested refrigerant levels along with line temperature on the suction line. Tis particular air conditioning unit uses a fixed-orifice (piston type) metering device. After approximately 10 minutes of operation, he recorded pressures and line temperatures. The coils were not freezing at this point in diagnostic. The superheat reading was low, with a saturation temperature of 28 degrees @100 psi and a suction line temperature of 32 degrees, giving an actual superheat of 4 degrees. His superheat calculator determined target superheat for current indoor and outdoor conditions should be 24 degrees. Suction pressure would not move off of 100psi. Current supply temperature was 53 degrees, return measured at 76 degrees giving a split temperature of 23 degrees, within the normal range of 20-25 temperature difference. All electrical components were operational (blower, condenser fan motor, compressor). He left the unit is normal operational condition. For more information about our air conditioning repair services, call [phone] and ask for normal or emergency service.

W Emerald Key Dr Green Valley 85614 Over there in Green Valley in the Valle Del Sol neighborhood, one of the more recent communities in the Green Valley area. The homeowners decided to benefit from our latest Special and get a full performance tune-up at a nicely discounted rate. Though their air conditioning is apparently working normally, we were in for a surprise. As usual, we checked operations, pressures, amp draws, and current controllers. We found the current controller almost at its lowest tolerance, which is not very good. We inspected the blower assembly in the attic, and this is where we found the main issue: the blower motor show some grime grease build-up. This is indicative of an oil leak from the bearing seals. That’s a bad sign. Although the motor is still spinning good at this time, it is likely that another rough summer will lead to a breakdown. At that point, it may trigger other failures in the system and entail very expensive repairs. A membership with the Family Plan would decrease the cost. We also recommended replacing the current controller to avoid potential system damage and/or failure.


W Paseo Recortado Green Valley 85614 On the West of I-19, in the Green Valley Country Club Vistas community. This unit is a 12 year-old Trane split 3.5 tons. Older A/C units always require a very careful inspection, part by part, as regular wear-and-tear starts bringing components to the edge of failure. We checked system for proper operation: we checked refrigerant levels, motor amps, current controllers, unit starter, electrical connections, wiring, temps, safeties, static pressures, ducts, drain, filter, coils, compressor ohms, and thermostat. We cleared out the drain line and washed the condenser coils.

Upon inspection, we found several issues: low delta T across condenser, low capacity, low subcooling. The unit was about 1-2 lbs low on R-22 (phased-out refrigerant) which usually indicate a leak in the evaporator coils. That is bad news. Examining the bearings of the blower motor, we found excessive play.This is another indicator that the unit is about to fail. We provided the homeowners with repair options, but recommended to replace the Trane unit. It’s hard to stop a Trane, as they say, but age will do it. Even when an air conditioner ages gracefully — which is the case of this Trane —  wear-and-tear is absolutely inevitable. 12 years on a unit is a very acceptable life for an A/C, and repairs often cost more than replacement while not solving everything (such as increasing power usage and higher utility bills). We left this home with a working unit, cooling off the house, but not very much life left in it.

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