Brett underscores the importance of keeping your A/C equipment maintained by a licensed A/C contractor to keep your warranty from being voided.


We’re going to be talking about maintenance and how critical and important it is to avoid voiding your warranties.

When you get a new system, make sure that your HVAC contractor provides you with your warranty paperwork and a rebate. I know it’s boring but I want you to understand how critical it is for maintaining your system.

Here’s one manufacturer “failure to maintain equipment will void this warranty”. That’s from Lennox; same thing from Daikin; same thing from Trane… Same thing from all major brands. Equipment manufacturers require maintenance to be performed in order to keep their HVAC systems working.

There’s a simple reason to this: If you buy a new car, you are already expected to maintain it. Change your oil, change the brakes, air filter, those parts required to keep that car operating properly. That way, it eliminates any question that when a part fails, it is not a result of a lack of maintenance.

Nowadays, HVAC manufacturers require proof of maintenance when a repair claim is submitted under warranty. No proof of maintenance means they may not accept your warranty call, and you could be looking at thousands of dollars in potential repairs. These new units are expensive due to the high cost of motors, coils, everything that goes into them. You want to protect that equipment and make sure that it will be properly covered if it does fail.

Most failures of air conditioning systems are the result of either a lack of maintenance or just improper maintenance. So make sure that it’s being done right, and for this, it needs to be done by a licensed professional. The days of your brother-in-law and your next-door neighbor taking care of your maintenance are over. Make sure maintenance is done by a licensed technician, and make sure they keep a record of it.

That’s only a small annual fee.  When you purchase your HVAC system, have your contractor include maintenance in there. In essence it will be free because that maintenance will help reduce your energy costs, extend the life of your equipment, eliminate repairs and protect your warranty.

Don’t forget to include maintenance when you purchase your air conditioning system, but also remember it’s never too early and it’s never too late to start a good maintenance plan. Consider the benefits of our Family Planned Maintenance program: front-of-line service, preferential scheduling, emergency service, discounts on replacement parts…. The list of true benefits is long and will save you boatloads of money.

Brett Wright, President

D&H Air Conditioning


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