Spring service of a Daikin Gas Package. In this 3rd part of our video series on servicing a Daikin A/C unit, our Comfort Pro specialist Jacob makes a couple of interesting recommendations: (A) adding a surge protector to a unit will warranty it in case of a breakdown due to a power surge; (B) a saver compressor will bump up the SEER rating of the unit.


JACOB:  We’re just about done here. I went ahead and cleaned off the coils here, you can still see the water running off of it here. I also cleaned off the roof, get all that dirt off that came off the coils off the roof too. I didn’t want to talk about one thing I did find, I did notice was that here and inside this system here, we can see we have a lot of electronics involved. It’s not a requirement, not a necessity but definitely a good idea is putting some surge protection on this unit here. We see that there’s none here, definitely a great idea because if anything were to happen because of a power surge, anything was damaged Daikin unfortunately does not cover that. So it’s just a protection for the customer and insurance policy.

What I did also notice too that’s available for the system is a compressor saver– a compressor saver is a nice little upgrade, again not a necessity but it’s going to do wonders for this unit. It actually will upgrade the Seer rating of this system. We do see here, this is a 14 Seer system. A compressor saver is basically a torque booster to get that compressor started more smoothly and it would be installed right in this compartment here and that would basically give this system a Seer upgrade of up to 1.5 Seer. So even though it’s operating at a 14 Seer right now, we can get that up to 15, even 15.5 Seer, which is a huge jump and what it also would do is, it would bring down the electric bill, how much they’re paying.

So some good recommendations that I’m going to let the customer know about, again the system is gonna run fine without them but definitely great ideas especially for our new system.

So thank you here for joining us here on D&H AC.com and we’ll call it a day.


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