In this real-time inspection video, our Service Professional shows you what parts need to be replaced in this Daikin AC unit, and discusses the importance of surge protectors for the validity of your air-conditioning unit warranty. He also shows you another system that will save you a lot of money by helping the compressor of your A/C unit.

If you live in Tucson or around Tucson and you are not sure that your A/C is protected against electrical surges, call D&H AC at [phone] to set up a technical inspection with one of our Service Professionals. Damages to the motor of an air conditioning unit due to electrical surges are usually NOT covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We recommend that you inquire about your warranty and inspect your own system.

“So we’re definitely going to get this capacitor here replaced since it’s at that tolerance range. Everything else is looking pretty good, motor amp is looking pretty good , the compressor and the outdoor fan motor as well as our blower motor which is an electronically commutated blower motor, a very high speed variable speed motor. Everything else is looking pretty good. Freon levels looking good no problems there.

The only thing with this unit is that you notice here on their disconnect box you don’t have any kind of surge protection. Now, is surge protection a requirement? No. Your unit is going to run fine without it. But the risk you run with running your system without surge protection is that in case of a surge – if you have a power outage, a transient surge, spike, anything like that which causes damage to your unit. And it can possibly do that because you notice on this unit we have a variety of circuit boards, especially like this one right here; we have a transformer, we have a relay inside of our contactor, we have all kinds of things that can be taken out because of a surge… And will Daikin warranty a component failed due to a surge? Well no, they won’t. Unfortunately Daikin does not warranty failed mechanical or electrical components due to acts of nature including rain, lightning, power surges, wind, fire, etc…

Also here, we notice that our motor here this is an ECM motor, very high tech motor and very efficient motor but the thing is about these motors is that they’re very very very very expensive and if this were taken out because of a surge well the customer would have to pay out of pocket for this motor, which could cost anywhere from $1500 to over $2000 for one of these motors.

So what I can do is on top of installing a surge protector on the Daikin AC unit, I’m going to install a little surge protector here as well called an ECM motor protector and in order to provide just a little bit of cheap of insurance for our customer. Because you notice here we have boards all around we also want to protect our motor and that way there’s no disputes, no questioning whenever I have to take this motor if it’s failed, if I have to take it back to the manufacturer. Then they’ll go ahead and approve the claim. That’s a very very important factor, its making sure you have proper surge protection throughout your entire unit.

Now you notice here that this unit as well, it’s a brand new unit everything looks new… But there’s also another accessory that’s available to our customers and we want to let you know what that is: it’s called a compressor saver. A compressor saver what it does is it provides an extra starting torque for your compressor so that compressor starts it doesn’t have to start so hard and it can save you some money on your electric bills and the really neat thing about compressor savers is that when I install it within the first single summer season you’re going to get your money back or what you paid to have it installed by D&H just in your electric bills throughout one single summer season. Definitely a good idea. Is it a requirement to be installed? Absolutely not. Your compressor going to work fine without it? Sure it will, but are you willing to pay a little bit of money to have one installed but have tremendous savings throughout the next 12-15 years that your unit is running on your house? That’s an option I will leave up to you when we come to your house, but we at least want you to know what’s available to you and let you know what’s out there, and all the cool products and accessories that are available to you as a consumer.

I’m going to go ahead and do these repairs right now. I’ll talk to the customer first, let her know about the capacitor that failed that’s rating under tolerance range and I’m going to let her know about getting some surge protection on this house, as well as installing compressor saver for extra energy savings. We’ll see what she says.”

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