Daikin Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer is vital to maintain the warranty of the unit in full force. D&H Air Conditioning Company offers homeowners the Family Maintenance Plan to ensure that proper maintenance procedures are followed, and that maintenance costs remain very moderate. They can be included in the price of the air conditioning system.

    Daikin heat pumps, like other AC units manufactured by Daikin, are extremely well built and made to give homeowners and businesses years of service without issues as long as proper maintenance is carried out by a qualified professional. D&H Air Conditioning Company spares no expense ensuring our technicians undergo very thorough continuous training on Daikin equipment. The “Daikin Comfort Pro” label is difficult to obtain and to keep. D&H Air Conditioning Company is honored to have been selected by Daikin to represent the brand in Tucson, AZ.