Daikin Heat Pump – Maintenance procedure:  Our Comfort Pro specialist Jacob is proceeding with the spring maintenance check of this Daikin Heat Pump. Regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer is vital to maintain the warranty of the unit in full force. D&H AC offers homeowners the Guardian Maintenance Plan to ensure that proper maintenance procedures are followed, and that maintenance costs remain very moderate. They can be included in the price of the air conditioning system. Jacob covers the parts of the system that are to be inspected to keep it running optimally.


JACOB: Okay, so we’re now almost done with the inspection. I’ve gone through and checked the refrigerant levels already, it’s looking great– it got good sub-cooling. Also looking for our compressor amps, motor amps, checking out all these electrical connections, making sure everything’s tight. I’ve already gone through and tighten everything. Thermostat connections too, I’ve tightened all those. Check current controller, check the motor amps. Everything’s working great.

I’m now going to go back inside, check air flow, check the blower motor, check the coils too and then once I’m done with that, I’ll go ahead and come back out here and clean the condenser coils. So we’ll go ahead and sign off to do those other maintenance items.


Daikin heat pumps, like other A/C units manufactured by Daikin, are extremely well built and made to give homeowners and businesses years of service without issues as long as proper maintenance is carried out by a qualified professional. D&H AC spares no expense ensuring our technicians undergo very thorough continuous training on Daikin equipment. The “Daikin Comfort Pro” label is difficult to obtain and to keep. D&H AC is honored to have been selected by Daikin to represent the brand in Tucson.


The management and technical team at D&H AC (https://DandHAC.com) is fully committed to educating Tucson home owners as much as possible in what it takes to keep their air conditioning units in excellent working order, quickly repair any part that threatens to break down (so that further, more costly repairs be avoided), and keep their manufacturer’s warranty in full force.

Air conditioning units are exposed all year long to the harsh weather of Arizona, with wide variations in temperature and constant exposure to heat and relentless sun. Motors, metal parts and plastic parts suffer from these weather conditions, and it is absolutely imperative for home owners to be aware of the maintenance requirements of their A/C unit in order to protect their investment and prolong the life of their equipment as long as possible.

These videos are created by D&H AC for the purpose of educating home owners. We welcome any questions you may have about your own air conditioning unit: please call our hotline at (520) 408-2665 to talk to a service representative or a Comfort Pro (for Daikin A/C units).