D&H Air Conditioning’s history is that of a family business from its inception, in early 1959, to this very day.

At the close of World War II, Arthur Duhamel, our founder, went to work in New York City as a journeyman sheet metal mechanic. In 1958 after working for over ten years on such noted projects as Radio City Music Hall, Arthur Duhamel moved with his family from New York to Tucson.

In January of 1959, along with Harry Hawk, Arthur founded D&H Air Conditioning Company, specializing in residential air conditioning. To form the company name, each took the first letter of their last names, thus establishing D&H.

With a reputation for honesty and a commitment to quality D&H began to grow quickly. As Tucson developed D&H expanded into other areas such as upgrading of existing equipment and buildings, remodel projects, service & repair, and commercial work.

Today, after serving Tucson and Southern Arizona for almost 60 years, we enjoy the reputation as one of the finest full-service HVAC contractors in Arizona. D&H is still managed as a family business.

How can you tell D&H Air Conditioning is a family business?

When you call (520) 408-2665, you do not speak to a voicemail or a complicated phone system. You speak to a real person who takes a real interest in the air conditioning and heating issues you may have.

Having grown up in the business under the tutelage of his grand-father Arthur, Brett Wright is today’s President of D&H Air Conditioning.

We specialize in air conditioning & heating equipment, healthy in-door air, energy management, and 24-hour emergency service and repair, along with planned maintenance programs tailored to your individual needs.

When you call our number, at (520) 408-2665, you will see an immediate difference in the professionalism, courtesy and product knowledge with which we serve you and our other clients.

With trained and NATE-certified HVAC technicians, and a good management team we continue to meet and exceed the challenging needs of our customers. Our dedicated men and women, working together to provide the finest possible service at an affordable price, have made D&H Air Conditioning Co., Inc. the local leader in our industry.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our co-workers who have worked so diligently throughout these years to demonstrate that “Top Quality Service” and “Unequaled Customer Satisfaction” are keys to a successful business.

Brett Wright
President D&H Air Conditioning & Heating

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