D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Pusch Ridge Vistas neighborhood.

D&H AC has been servicing the E Naranja Rd and N Pusch Ridge Vistas Dr area since 1959. We have over 155 installs just in the neighborhood of Pusch Ridge Vistas.

Yesterday in the neighborhoods of Pusch Ridge Vistas, The Highlands and Monte Del Oro, in Oro Valley (Zip code: 85737). This is very scenic here, with the Catalinas in the background very visible near Pusch Ridge. We serviced a Lennox split A/C unit: we vacuumed the unit, cleaned out the condensation drain, checked and tightened the electrical connections as well as the blower housing. We also inspected the blower wheel which was dirty and needed a good cleaning. We checked the amp draws on the blower motor, the supply return air temperature: this gave us a split temp at 20.2° indicating the airflow cross evaporate or coil is within range. We check the AC unit outside, checked pressures, checked amp draws, tightened all electrical connections, and cleaned the condenser coi. All was operating normal at this time, but we needed to recommend a unit coil guard and an ECM protector, as well as a pristine air cleaner with AC renewal. The Family Plan is definitely a good option for this household, as the split requires serious maintenance. Thre is more information on the Family Plan on our website, at http://bit.ly/2WQ9Rde. If you prefer to talk to an A/C technician first, please call [phone].

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