D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Menlo Park neighborhood.

D&H AC has been servicing the Sentinel Peak Rd S and S Stephanie Loop Restricted usage road area since 1959. We have over 175 installs just in the neighborhood of Menlo Park.

Menlo Park to D&H Air Conditioning & Heating, 3990 S Evans Blvd Tucson, AZ 85714

Today, at the foot of Tumamoc Hill, in the neighborhood of Menlo Park, Tucson. We did a complete service call on an Amana air conditioning unit. We checked and tightened all electrical connections, checked amp draw, then check the current controllers and the supply return air temperature. We checked pressures, inspected the blower motor, the blower wheel, inspected evaporative coil supply and return air temperature within. The 17 to 24° split pressures read good superheat and sub-cooling read good. We noticed that the current controller was way below factory specs. So we went ahead and replaced it under warranty. The Amana A/C unit was operating normally when we left. D&H AC does thorough inspection of your air conditioning system every time you call us for service, or when we conduct routine maintenance under the Family Planned Maintenance program. Please remember that your manufacturer warranty can be voided if your unit is not maintained correctly. Call our hotline at [phone] for an appointment if you think your unit may need a check-up. If you are on mobile, just click on the CALL button below. Thank you for your attention!