D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Gold Canyon neighborhood.

D&H AC has been servicing the W Ina Rd and N Meredith Blvd area since 1959. We have over 275 installs just in the neighborhood of Gold Canyon.

Today we were in the neighbordood of Casas Adobes Park, around Plaza de la Tierra, close to Orange Grove and River. This area is actually composed of multiple neighborhoods. Lively and very pretty. We serve many clients in this area. Our intervention today was a spring maintenance call on a 6-year old Amana gas split. We serviced and checked the system for proper operation. We checked the refrigerant levels, motor amps, current controllers, unit starter, electrical connections, wiring, temps, safeties, static pressures, ducts, drain, filter, coils, compressor ohms, and thermostat. We cleared out the drain line and washed the condenser coils to remove the dust.
Upon inspection, we found high starting amps on the compressor, so we recommended a “hard-start kit” to reduce starting amps by 50% and bring energy usage down. We also found excessive dust, dirt and rust on evaporator coils, as well as on the blower wheel. As a result, we recommended to pull the system components out and perform a deep chemical clean to prevent compressor damage. We also recommended to set up a coil guard to slow the process of corrosion (number one cause of refrigerant leaks in coils). When we left the client, their unit was operating very nicely. Ask us for information about our Family Planned Maintenance program: it’s uncostly and will save you money and trouble. Call [phone] and ask to speak to a Family Planned Maintenance specialist. Thank you for your interest!

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