D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Tanque Verde Creek

Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services. We decided to share some.

Today we had a service call to tune up an air conditioning unit in the Tanque Verde Creek and Sabino Canyon area (85750 zip code). It was an interesting service call because the unit itself is a 12-year old Rheem gas pack. We checked the pressures first, and found out they were low. We inspected the condenser coils, did not find any evidence of leaks. So we inspected the evaporative coils, and found out they were extremely corroded with black spots. Our diagnostic is that the unit is leaking from evaporative coil. We showed the customers our findings, discussed options including Super-Seal injection and recharging only (although we don’t recommend this one), as well as a full system replacement. Our customers had read mixed reviews on stop leak injections and did not want to try. Replacement was out of the question. In the end our customers opted only for recharge: they understand warranty do not apply to refrigerant recharge services. We’ll return tomorrow to recharge the system. D&H AC technicians fully inform you of all your options, their cost, and the impact on your manufacturer warranty. To service your air conditioning unit, please call our hotline at [phone] and do not hesitate to ask information on the phone. You can also check our website to see our Service Guarantees: http://bit.ly/2WmkNnm. Thank you for reading!

D&H AC has been servicing the E Tanque Verde Rd since 1959. We have over 267 installs just in the neighborhood of N Tanque Verde Creek.

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