D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Meadowbrook neighborhood.

Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services. We decided to share some.

Right around the corner of Dodge and E Lee St, in the 85741 zip where a lot of our clients are located. Recently installed a new Daiking Air Conditioning unit in a garage. It’s a gas split, a wonderful unit. We came for first regular maintenance, tighted all wires, checked all motors (all normal), cleaned the filter, the drain line, cleaned the condensor coils… All good to go!! Daikin A/C systems are bullet-proof though sophisticated. One of our favorite brands to install and maintain. If you want to know more about our maintenance program, please check out website, we have a whole page dedicated to the value of a service contract: https://dandhac.com/are-service-contracts-for-air-conditioning-maintenance-plans-worth-it/ — Our own Family Planned Maintenance program is really worth checking out. You can also call our hotline at [phone] and talk to a qualified technician. Thank you for visiting!

D&H AC has been servicing the W Sunset Rd and N Silverbell Rd area since 1959. We have over 168 installs just in the neighborhood of Meadowbrook.

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