Give your old HVAC to a good cause
Get $1000 for it!

Why offer money for your old AC?

D&H runs an HVAC Training Class for young people wanting a great career, and adults needing a fresh start. All are welcome to apply, it’s currently offered at no cost. It’s a good cause.

Students are trained 3 months full-time by our skilled HVAC experts. Top-notch classroom instruction, hands-on experience on real HVAC systems. On graduation day, they are operational.

This is where you make a difference:

Traditionally, young technicians fresh out of HVAC school have not been trained on many old AC systems, so they make rookie mistakes (on your AC).

With the help of people like you, we train our graduates on many models. We buy old HVAC systems to give them more hands-on experience and more knowledge from the get-go.

So, when you decide to replace your HVAC system, we offer you a $1,000 credit on the installation of one of our new HVAC systems. Your old AC becomes training material for a new generation of HVAC technicians.

Call us to participate and get the $1,000 credit!