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We are ready to schedule you for excellent service, in most cases on the very same day you call us. We have a solid reputation built over 60+ years of existence in Tucson. There is no “best time”: simply call our Hotline 24/7 at (520) 866-0146. We provide air conditioning service and emergency repair intervention any day, any night of the year.


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Richard Sattler
Richard Sattler
Very good tec
Mark Strumpf
Mark Strumpf
Excellent job. On time. Professional.. Good explanations of work
Nela Peralta
Nela Peralta
Muy buena atención.
Janet Manary
Janet Manary
D&H has been my A/C company for quite a few years having installed my A/C, furnace and water heater five years ago. Very professional company. Would highly recommend. Peter, the technician, was friendly, knowledgeable.
Linda Hamelin
Linda Hamelin
Joe was our tech and he was fantastic, very professional and knowledgeable and answered all our questions.
Rich Parks
Rich Parks
Josh was the most knowledgeable HVAC guy I've ever met.
Winona Ettrick
Winona Ettrick
What speaks volumes about the quality of a company is the employees they send on service calls. Freddy who helped us today was the kind of exemplary brand rep that you hope for if you need to make a call. He was personable, knowledgeable, earnest, hard working, and attentive. And the service visit just got better from there. Thank you to Freddy Sanchez and the good people at D&H for being so reliable and for the quality of your service and staff I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE HAVING FREDDY SANCHEZ BE THE SERVICE PERSON AT MY HOVE. THANK YOU. I AM PLEASED TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

Any situation you may have with your Heating, we have already seen it and fixed it. In 60+ years of installing new air conditioners and performing furnace repairs on old systems, we have worked on all brands and all models. We have lived through the full evolution of HVAC technology — from the old swamp coolers to the sophisticated split systems of today. Nothing can replace this wealth of experience.

Reliable 24/7 emergency service is also a very big deal. What happens to your comfort when your AC quits working in a hot July day or a chilly January night? Call our dispatching center, we schedule your HVAC repair time immediately. We have trucks on the road all day long, and certified HVAC technicians on call at night.

Reliable 24/7 emergency service is also a very big deal. What happens to your comfort when your AC quits working in a hot July day or a chilly January night? Call our dispatching center, we schedule your ac repair time immediately. We have trucks on the road all day long, and certified HVAC technicians on call at night.

Quality service also means making reliable recommendations for your heating and cooling. Sometimes, repairing a very old AC unit is not cost-effective. With the financing options we offer, it can be much cheaper to replace it. (It also saves you a lot of money on utility bills). When you call D&H to receive an estimate for a new system, we send a certified specialist to calculate precisely the AC load your home needs. He works to define the right system for your budget. We can propose financing options, sometimes even with 0% interest, to make high tech more affordable. Your budget must be respected, and we know this.

What about indoor air quality? If your home is in the lower areas of Tucson, your life is affected by pollution more than in the Foothills. If you are in Vail or south-east Tucson, you will get more dust than in Dove Mountain. We know this (better than any company from Phoenix) because we are local! We can recommend the right filters and AC filtration systems for your specific area.

We have repaired, maintained, and install HVAC systems for 60+ years. We have seen all makes and models, the full evolution of HVAC technology since 1959. So, yes, we can repair and maintain them all, except when an AC unit is too old and its parts can’t be found anymore, or when a brand has disappeared from the market. However, it is important to understand that repairing an older AC unit is not always the right call. With each year that passes, the efficiency of your AC system decreases. A system rated 15 SEER 5 years ago is not 15 SEER today. It is closer to 10 SEER in fact. The right recommendation for an older unit may be to replace it with new technology that saves power ($$) and runs more efficiently throughout your home.

All the main HVAC brands today manufacture reliable systems. But it’s a fact some manufacturers offer longer warranties than others. This is the question to ask yourself when considering an HVAC unit. Why does this brand only offer a 5-year warranty on the major components, and not 12 years like that brand? Why is the warranty on certain parts shorter than on some other parts? As a rule of thumb, longer warranties indicate the manufacturer has more trust in the reliability of their systems. This matters to you because parts will inevitably fail and have to be replaced. You want maximum warranty coverage. Also, between 2 systems using roughly the same technology (heat pumps, for instance), why is one rated 16 SEER and that one rated 20 SEER? This matters to you because the system efficiency will impact your utility bill. Base your purchase decision on warranty coverage, efficiency, and the specifics of your home.

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