The sudden heat wave that has overtaken Tucson in the past few weeks is already testing the summer-readiness of residential air conditioning equipment for what promises to be a particularly hot season. At the same time, it tests the battle-readiness of local HVAC contractors, especially the smaller operators.

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The heat wave has taken Tucsonans by surprise. A flurry of emergency repair calls is flooding the hotlines of local HVAC contractors as A/C system break. According to the Customer Service Department of D&H Air Conditioning: “The jump in service calls has also been dramatic with a large number of failures, especially in older A/C units.”

Temps in April 2020 Stress HVAC units Higher than Average temps stress HVAC Units The rapid rise in temperatures has placed HVAC systems under brutal stress. “This is especially true of older air conditioners that barely survived last summer”, said Phil Robles, General Manager of D&H AC.

Worse, the volume of incoming emergency repair calls raises a critical issue: delays in scheduling technical visits to repair your air conditioner.

Residents may have to wait longer to enjoy a cool home again as HVAC contractors are forced to extend scheduling well beyond 24 hours due to technical staff shortage.

This is where size matters. Larger HVAC companies such as D&H Air Conditioning have the wherewithal necessary to staff up quickly. “Our hiring ramp-up starts from late March to June,” stated Phil Robles. “This enables D&H to respond readily to the predictable surge in emergency calls, and still cover our usual scheduled maintenance appointments”.

Not so for smaller HVAC operators, commonly dubbed “2-Chucks-and-a-Truck” in the industry. Unable to ramp up their hiring, they can simply fail to service their clients on time.

According to Brett Wright, President of D&H AC: “This is one of the many reasons the supply side of the HVAC industry is undergoing a gradual long-term change. Air conditioner manufacturers prefer to deal with larger HVAC contractors because brand names are directly impacted in consumers’ minds by both quality and consistency of local service.”

Brett added: “The larger A/C specialists have more capital, a better organization, and stronger staff training capabilities than smaller operations. Both customers and brands stand to benefit from size. As one of the top HVAC companies in town since 1959, we certainly don’t support the idea you should have to wait longer in summer to see a technician come to your home to repair your air conditioner.”

In other areas of Arizona, huge HVAC companies such as Phoenix-based Parker & Sons, confirm the trend towards a consolidation at the local level. “There is little doubt that small outfits are disappearing as HVAC systems become increasingly sophisticated,” said Josh Kelly, a well-known consultant to the industry. “HVAC brands demand that their
distributors remain up-to-date in their technical knowledge of the systems, and able to represent their brand well under any market conditions.”

For Tucsonans affected by growing delays in service scheduling, this is a favorable long-term trend: faster and more capable technical service is critical when temperatures climb into triple-digit territory. For senior citizens, receiving fast service when their air conditioner breaks down is not an option. Speed of service is mission-critical down here in Southern Arizona.

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