D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Brandi Fenton Memorial Park neighborhood.

Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services. We decided to share some.

air conditioning repair

A couple days ago, we serviced 3 A/C units in the Sunrise Presidio Village neighborhood, around Sunrise and Craycroft. Two package units on the roof and one split unit. We replaced all supplied filters. We started up the first unit, checked pressures, checked amp draws, checked current controller under load, checked the supply and return air temperature. This unit was operating OK. Then we serviced a Rheem package: started it up, checked amp draws, checked pressures, checked current controller under load; checked supply and return air temperature. We noticed that the filter of this unit was extremely dirty, so we recommended an Air Scrubber Plus for the bedroom unit. We serviced the split unit which is an inverter. Cleared out condensation drain, replaced filter, checked and tightened all electrical connections in all units, checked the supply and return air temperature, checked pressures, checked amp draws and all is operating at normal specification on that unit. We recommended a Super Seal with dye for the older unit to prevent future leaks. To get more information about our Family Planned Maintenance agreement and see how it will save you money, just contact us at [phone] and you will get all the information you need to make the right call. Thank you for reading!

D&H AC has been servicing the W Sunset Rd and N Silverbell Rd area since 1959. We have over 282 installs just in the neighborhood of Brandi Fenton Memorial Park.

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