D&H provides air conditioning repair service in the Canada Hills subdivision


Brief introduction of D&H’s presence in the NW of Tucson

D&H Air Conditioning has been serving the subdivision of Canada Hills since the first homes were built in the area. The community has expanded over the years, following the rapid growth of Oro Valley as a city in 1974. D&H was founded in 1959, and has been continuously serving the Tucson metro area ever since. D&H is rated among the most reliable air conditioning repair service providers in Tucson and has been rewarded with the Angie’s List Super Service Award 2019 and multiple other years.

If you live in the subdivision, take advantage of our A/C repair, inspection and tune-up coupons: their dates may expire from time to time, but by any means, when you call our hotline at [phone], ask if they have been renewed. We love to give people multiple options to lower the cost of life, and no dollar is too small to be spared in the difficult circumstances through which we are going.

D&H AC is deemed an essential service provider during COVID-19, so if you wonder if you can receive an HVAC technician in your home during these times, the answer is yes. Our NATE-certified technicians take regular precautions such as mask, gloves and booties, and using hand purifier before and after any contact. We also follow social distancing rules to ensure your safety and the safety of our personnel.

$60 OFF Coupon on any repair

$60 OFF Coupon on any air conditioning repair service

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$30 OFF Coupon on any air conditioning service


D&H Rated among Best HVAC Companies Tucson - Angie's List Super Service Award 2019

The Angie’s List Super Service Award reflects excellence in air conditioning repair service

D&H services home air conditioning on both sides of N. La Cañada Dr. If you live in the area you probably have already seen our trucks:

Air conditioning repair service Tucson

Some of the D&H Truck Fleet

If your A/C is rattling, or making loud noises when it starts, any noise that you have not heard before, do not waste any time: seize the opportunity to get our friendliest rates with these coupons, and call D&H at [phone] immediately to get emergency service.

How to prevent catastrophic failure of your air conditioning unit

Improperly maintained or serviced air conditioning units can experience a catastrophic failures because parts that are worn out or unusually stressed break down and start cascading problems. Catastrophic failures cost hundreds of dollars fixing, and the added aggravation of finding oneself with A/C in the worst of weather conditions.

The best way to avoid this is to enter into a scheduled maintenance contract with an air conditioning company that employs NATE-certified HVAC technicians.

D&H recommends keeping your A/C serviced professionally on a regular basis by accredited NATE-certified technicians. In most cases, this is a mandatory condition to continue benefiting from your manufacturer’s warranty!

HVAC manufacturers will void their warranty if your system is not maintained all year long. Most likely, the manufacturer’s paperwork states it.

The first measure to take to prevent costly repairs on your air conditioning system is to ensure it is regularly maintained by qualified technicians.


If you bought your system so long ago that the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, your system may continue working but a failure will not be covered if the warranty has not been replaced by a maintenance contract.

Our recommendation is to get some coverage under a maintenance contract: such contract is not the same as a manufacturer’s warranty, but a good maintenance agreement will (a) ensure that NATE-certified HVAC technicians inspect and tune up your system twice a year, identifying any defective parts; and (b) ensure you get a discount on parts that need to be replaced.

Call D&H Air Conditioning to repair your air conditioning. Many of your neighbors of Canda Hills have, and we have references to give you. It is not by accident that we have recevied the Angie’s List Super Service Award multiple years: it takes a real company to provide excellent air conditioning repair service all year round, year after year.

Air conditioning service calls

Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are on the road every day, week-end included to serve residents of the Tucson metro area.

They share what they do in the form of brief technical reports describing their inspections and system checks.

Here is an example of a service call in Canada Hills, on N Olympic Place, AZ 85737 USA

-air conditioning repair service canada hills oro valley 85737We performed air conditioning maintenance and inspection on our customers’ two split-systems. We installed water safety on the attic system (to avoid any leak due to condensation drip). We also installed a compressor protection on the 5-ton condenser.  We inspected the air filters, the blowers and the evaporater coils for cleanliness. We also flushed the condensation lines and rinsed the condenser coils. We cycled both systems with a 22-25 degree temperature split: the refrigerant pressures were reading ok at this time. All motors and current controllers were operating within range. Both systems were operational when we left. The inspection and maintenance operation was carried out under the Family Plan (air conditioning service plan), at no extra cost for our customers.

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