Serving the Sabino area with air conditioning repair services and A/C installation

air conditioning repair in the Sabino Canyon area

Just a little bit of history

D&H has been providing ac repair services in the eastern part of the Catalina Foothills since the late 60s. At the time, the eatern part of the Foothills was very sparsely populated, and the group of neighborhoods now known as the Sabino area (Sabino Creek, Sabino Vista, Sabino Vista Heights, Sabino Vista Hills, Sabino Vista Estates, Sabino Vista South, all the way north along the Sabino Canyon Rd) was not yet built. The land was practically virgin and our trucks were wearing tire thread on dirt roads.

D&H provides air Conditioning service in all of Tucson, Vail, Marana, Oro Valley, South Tucson and other cities in Southern Arizona

How D&H earned the trust of Tucsonans

From a small air conditioner service business founded in Tucson in 1959, 60+ years ago, D&H has become one of the top 3 air conditioning companies in the city and a large local employer. In 2020 we opened the doors of our new Corporate & Service Center at 3990 S Evans Blvd, a major event in the life of our company. We built our new Corporate & Service Center in Tucson as a sign of our durable commitment to our roots: we were born in Tucson, raised in Tucson, and we will continue to serve Tucson and Southern Arizona.

D&H AC: Our fleet is on the road 24/7 to provide air conditioning repair servicesToday, the trucks of D&H can be seen in every neighborhood of the city: they harbor the portrait of D&H’s President, Brett Wright, not as an egotistical symbol, but as Brett’s personal guarantee that the entire company stands behind the quality of its service. Brett puts his good name behind everything D&H does, so that there will be no mistake as to who is ultimately responsible for the satisfaction of our customers for the air conditioning repair and a/c installation services we provide. We don’t hide behind cute illustrations: we put our face on our trucks, and our accountability in the training and personal qualities of our technicians, our customer service representatives, our accounting department and our management.

D&H Rated among Best HVAC Companies Tucson - Angie's List Super Service Award 2019

The Angie’s List Super Service Award

A few years ago, Angie’s List created an award to highlight the best local contractors and artesans offering services on its website. The management of Angie’s List felt it was appropriate to make a distinction between the top quality contractors of a category and the other businesses competing in the same category. This award must be earned year after year. You may earn it one year, and not the next.

In the HVAC category, this is what is required by Angie’s List to be awarded the SSA:

  • Good standing with the Better Business Bureau  (D&H has an A+ rating at the BBB)
  • Pass a criminal background check (every HVAC technician at D&H has passed a background check successfully)
  • Properly licensed to do HVAC work  (D&H is fully licensed, insured and bonded, and it is registered at the AZ ROC)
  • Good business standing with Angie’s List (D&H has been faithfully abiding by Angie’s List’s requirements for service quality and availability)

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D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Sabino area


Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services.


air conditioning repair services in the Sabino area

We were in the Foothills today, in this little segment of Pantano which is not even connected to Pantano itself. Sometimes, Tucson geography is hard to follow! Anyway, we we servicing an air conditioning unit under the Family Maintenance Plan. The system is a split system, an older R22. It is only used a few months each year, so its life has been preserved. We replaced the air filter, inspected all the wiring and ensured that all connections were tight. We rinsed the condenser coils and tested vitals.

Refrigerant pressures were recorded @ 55/127 psi with a 34° supply temperature. The return temperature was 70 degrees. The air conditioning compressor amped @ 8.3/13.5, the condenser fan motor amped @.49/.5, the blower motor amped @ 8.3/15. The current controller tested ok. Bottom line: this split air conditioning is currently operational. We did not have any recommendation to make to the client. D&H AC does a thorough inspection job for all our clients, trying to preserve their A/C to the very end, so that it serves them well all along. For additional information about the Family Planned Maintenance program, please call our specialists at [phone] or by pressing the button below. We will be glad to give you all the information you need, and send you a technician to look at your system.

D & H AC is a Daikin A/C Comfort Pro

The Daikin Comfort Pro label

A few years ago, D&H established a relationship with Daikin, the first manufacturer of air conditioners in the world. Of Japanese origin, Daikin has built manufacturing and training facilities in Texas. In the HVAC industry, the Daikin brand is synonymous with high-technology, durable quality, and energy savings.

Daikin is a pioneer in a number of technical areas, including the inverter technology which enables an A/C unit to run at peak efficiency 24/7 by varying the speed of its motor. Instead of the usual “stop and go” of traditional A/C units, Daikin units run on low motor speed when ideal temperature is reached, just enough to maintain the temperature throughout a home. This has at least three very beneficial effects: • a stable, comfortable temperature in the house (instead of the usual hot-cool-hot-cool cycle); • avoiding the “hard start” typical of traditional A/C units, that wears down the motors and electric components faster; • measurable energy savings as the motor of the A/C unit is not running at the highest possible speed during the cooling or heating cycle.

Daikin has very stringent requirements for its Comfort Pros, and D&H had to satisfy these requirements to earn this exclusive label.

In the words of Daikin:

“All Daikin Comfort Pro contractors seek to achieve the highest levels of customer service, business integrity, and technical competency. These range from maintaining an excellent rating with their local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to taking continuing education classes on how best to install and service Daikin brand products. To retain this status, Daikin Comfort Pros must deliver their best abilities to each and every customer, year after year.”

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