D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the La Paloma Estates

Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services. We decided to share some.

The area of La Paloma Estates and the next-door neighborhoods of Paloma del Sol and Kachina Hills are beautiful. Most of the homes in the neighborhoods of the 85718 zip code are equipped with high-end HVAC units because the houses were built in the last 20-25 years, and these are posh neighborhoods. These units tend to be very robust, and rarely break. Today however, this was not the case: we got an emergency call from a client towards the end of the day. Upon arrival, our client stated the neighbors told them that their A/C had been running all day long. The unit was not holding temperature. We started it up and noticed that it was frozen up in the evaporator coil. We checked pressures and observed they were extremely low on refrigerant. Opening the system, we checked the evaporator coil and noticed right away that there was a dye put in the cooling system: we could see dye coming out of the filter dryer. We checked for a leak at the filter dryer with soap bubbles and located the leak. After discussing options with the client, we put the unit in a vacuum and pumped it down with nitrogen. We weighed the refrigerant in properly and added 7 pounds of 410 refrigerant, checked for any additional leaks. We cleaned the condenser coil, checked air temperatures, amp draws, tightened all electrical connections, cleaned the condenser coil, cleared out the condensation drain. All is now operating normally. Save money: ask us about our Family Planned Maintenance Plan: [phone].

D&H AC has been servicing the E Vía Palomita. Drive to E Camino Juan Paisano/Cam Juan Paisano since 1959. We have over 246 installs just in the neighborhood of La Paloma Estates.

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