Getting a New Air Conditioning Installed in Casas Adobes

The real-estate market in Tucson is exploding. With the very strong influx of people moving from California to the auspicious skies of Arizona, we are witnessing  a huge boom in the residential market, both built homes and new construction.

For many Tucsonans, this is a very good time to sell, to benefit from the price differences between homes in California and homes in Tucson. The Casas Adobes neighborhood, with his desert flavor and 1950s Tucson vibe is definitely a great target for newcomers.

Difference in the standard of living

It is however a fact that Californians are used to live in well-maintained homes and gardens, with a lot of modern amenities and the latest generation of air conditioners. When they look at buying real-estate in Tucson, they consider the upgrades they will have to make to maintain their standard of living. If you put your own home on the market to cash in on the buying wave, how old is your air conditioner?

Is it time to consider changing your system and going forward with a new air conditioning installation project? Can it help you pass home inspection with flying colors, sell within hours, and get top dollar?

Energy savings: a hot topic

It is no secret that Californians are very sensitive to energy usage. Did you know for instance that automakers can’t sell black cars in California, because black and darker colors heat up car interiors faster and require therefore more A/C? California buys more solar panels than any other State in the Union.

How does this relate to your air conditioning system?

Energy efficiency in A/C units is measured in S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Trane, the air conditioning manufacturer, states on their website that: “[SEER] is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses…” In other words, the higher the cooling/usage ratio, the higher the SEER rating.

Systems today typically range between 14 and 25 SEER. If you intend to sell your residence to people from California, it’s better to show them a system rated 21 SEER than a basic system rated 15 SEER.

But as any HVAC technician will tell you, your AC loses efficiency as time passes — on average 1 SEER every 18 months. Your 19 SEER unit bought 6 years ago is likely now only 16 SEER.

The age of your AC will be a topic during the buying process. A new AC would make this work to your full advantage.

Multi-zone air conditioning: more comfort

Temperatures inside a home vary from room to room, depending on a number of factors such as sun exposure, window energy-efficient rating, construction material and quality, etc. Thermostats typically measure an average of these temperatures at a point where air flows freely. The thermostat then sends this information to your air conditioner and triggers the blower motor when the temperature exceeds the setting you chose.

Typical air conditioners blow cool air from one unit, and the air is distributed throughout the house by the duct system. Each room receives approximately the same volume of cool air. The problem, if you live in a home with an east-west orientation as is the case of many homes in the center of the Casas Adobes neighborhood (around the La Cholla and W Orange Grove area, for instance), the west side of your home will be considerably warmer than its east side. If your bedroom is on the west end, you will feel uncomfortable in summer if you don’t crank up the A/C.

Multi-zone air conditioning systems bring an elegant solution to the problem of uneven temperatures inside a home by distributing the cooling where it is most needed. These systems save energy by avoiding to cool off room that are already cool. Any Californian coming from Orange County and Los Angeles will instantly appreciate the difference. That difference could drive up the price of your home when it hits the market.

Reducing wear and tear

The weather in Arizona is a huge contributing factor to wear and tear on air conditioners. Electronic components overheat and fail. Frequent start-stop cycles to adjust home temperature take on toll on components such as current controllers. Their progressive deterioration leads inevitably to unit performance degradation, accelerated wear and tear, and ultimately electronic and mechanical failures.

Inverter technology slows down the process by regulating home temperature on a continuous basis, avoiding the frequent “On/Off” toggling and hard-starts. Instead, inverters slow down the motor of a unit when the temperature reaches its setting, and speeds it again when temperature rises again. Inverter technology has been pioneered by air conditioning manufacturer Daikin, represented by D&H in Tucson.

California home buyers will appreciate the use of inverter technology in a home as it reduces costs and saves energy.

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D&H: a long history of air conditioning installation in Casas Adobes

2 HVAC technicians proceeding with an air conditioning installation on a roof in Casas AdobesBefore we moved our headquarters to S Evans Blvd, right next to the Fairgrounds, our offices used to be located on N Oracle Rd, just south of Flowing Wells and Casas Adobes. During our 60+ year long history in Tucson,  D&H has installed thousands of air conditioners in this part of town.

We have a complete mastery of the installation process, from preparatory stages, to removal and disposal of the old unit, to installation and testing of the new unit, and finally, to delivery to the homeowners and final clean-up of the site.

We leave no mess behind

During the preparation phase of your air conditioning installation, our installers spot any area that can potentially be a problem. This will be addressed before the installation begins.

Our installers map out areas to keep disorder to a minimum. Homeowners prefer to be aware of structural or cosmetic issues before work begins.

Our staff is trained to leave no trace behind. They clean up each area of the site: yard, roof, and inside your home.

Delivery of your new system

Once a system is installed and tested to the satisfaction of our NATE-certified HVAC installers, we program it for optimum comfort based on your likings. We show you how to use the system, set the temperature and the fan, judge if filters need replacement, learn maintenance schedules, recognize proper sounds, etc. When we deliver your new system, you are confident in your capacity to operate it.


Many clients want to take advantage of financing conditions when available. Let us know your intentions early on, so that we can provide solutions that make the most sense for your situation.


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