D&H services all types of air conditioning units in the Colonial Ranch Estates.

Every day our HVAC technicians come back to our service centers with many stories related to air conditioning repair services. We decided to share some.

South East Tucson, right around Broadway and Houghton, is a great neighborhood to live in. Many houses there were built from the late fifties to the early eighties, at a time where Tucson was expanding east due to the massive influx of Air Force personnel at Davis-Monthan. But there also remain large tracts of ranch land with horse properties, plant nurseries and the Saguaro National Park, of course. From the 70s onwards, D&H Air Conditioning gained a strong foothold in these neighborhoods as they were built (Harrison East South, Wild Horse Ranch Estates, Rancho del Jefe, Whispering Wings, Houghton, Santa Paula Ranch, etc.). Today we ensure the service of hundreds of air conditioning units in the area, under our Family Planned Maintenance program. This program is well-adapted to 10-15 year-old air conditioning units that are starting to show signs of age: more and more parts of these units can fail and if you don’t have a maintenance plan, or if your maintenance plan is not all-inclusive, you may wind up by having to replace your air conditioning system sooner than normal, or just pay more than necessary for parts and labor. Call D&H AC at [phone] to talk to a maintenance specialist and schedule a meeting about what the Family Planned Maintenance program protect you from. Don’t procrastinate: if your AC unit is old, you absolutely need to protect yourself from heavier-than-normal service/repair expenses.

D&H AC has been servicing the N Tanque Verde Loop Rd and E Michelle Ln area since 1959. We have over 234 installs just in the neighborhood of Colonial Ranch Estates.

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