In this fourth video of the series on an AC maintenance call for an Amana Gas Package unit, our NATE-Certified Service Professional explains the money savings our clients will pocket under the Guardian Planned Maintenance program. Air conditioning unit parts and HVAC labor can cost thousands of dollars over the years. Tucson, AZ is situated in a desert environment where dust and sand accumulate to deteriorate your HVAC units. Maintenance plans are truly not an option: they WILL save you a lot of money within the first few years of operation. Just in inspection and clean-up costs!

D&H AC is a premier HVAC contractor, established in the city of Tucson, AZ since 1955. We inspect, maintain, repair and replace air conditioning systems in homes and businesses. Please call us at (520) 408-2665 to inquire about our Guardian Planned Maintenance program (it will save you thousands of dollars in parts and labor over time), and our Discount and Trade-In Programs.


“Alright. So we are finished up with all the repairs today. Now, just think about the savings that this customer had received today. She had a 10-year part and labor warranty on an Amana Gas Package unit: this unit in only 4 years old and we can see even on a well-maintained unit just only a few years old there can be problems. With the 10-year parts and labor warranty she saved over $1100 today, that’s $1100 total. Do you think it’s worth it? I certainly do.

Although the coil cleaning was a little extra, that was a simple thing that’s going to pay itself back when she has a nice electric bill this month and the following months to come.

So with D&H you receive a 5-star professional service from every one of our technicians and this is the experience that you can have whenever you call D&H Air Conditioning. Thank you.”
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