Real video of an air conditioning repair call by a D&H AC Service Professional. Our Service Pro goes around the unit and summarized what D&H AC has repaired and replaced on this Amana gas package unit to make it run again “like new”.

“Alright, just finished up out here with the repairs. Let’s see what we did today. So first off we found that this current controller is 45/5 current controller was rating badly. Well, we got a brand new one on here.

We also put a brand-new main line compressor starter in there and that way it’s just a safer operation and more reliable. We don’t have to worry about it sticking on us or being too pitted to where it won’t allow for voltage to go through. We also replaced this 10 microfarad right there, got a brand new one right there installed.

Let’s go over to our other side. We did notice that we had a dirt coil over here and we went ahead and cleaned it. Alright, nice clean coils, still kind of wet so I’m going to let them dry for a little bit. You can see that it’s draining pretty well. All nice and cleaned up, nice and shiny ready to go for the summer operating at a 100% maximum efficiency. We definitely can be confident that this customer is going to happy with their electric bill this month. And that’s the ultimate goal of an air conditioning repair call.

We also as part of our Guardian Plan will clean your condenser coils completely complimentary every time we do a spring maintenance. We can see that we did that here, we can see some of the water still running off I already took care of that as part of the maintenance. Still dripping down we’ll let that dry off a little bit. So there you have it, all the repairs done. Now she’s ready to fire back up again.”

D&H Air Conditioning installs, maintains, repairs, replaces all parts and systems of most major air-conditioning manufacturers’ A/C units. If you are not sure your air-conditioning is running at optimum level, if you think your power bill is higher than it should be and that it may be due to your air conditioning not functioning properly, give us a call right away at (520) 408-2665 to set up an appointment for an inspection with one of our NATE-Certified Service Professionals. Check out our Specials to see if we offer a coupon to use for this inspection.

You can know more about our A/C maintenance and repair program by watching our videos on our YouTube channel.