Well, thanks for joining us here again and D&H Air Conditioning & Heating. We’re going to be doing a Fall maintenance check today. My name is Jacob Garcia and I’ll be performing the Fall check-up on the Rheem gas pack we have here.

So just to show you what we do here on a routine maintenance check. First off we’re going to start by checking for gas leaks and we do that with a little gas leak solution. I’ll be checking all the gas line, all up on the manifold and on the line, the drip leg and the gas valve too.

We’ll also be checking the operation of the burners, making sure that we have nice constant flame there. We’ll also be cleaning the flame sensor which is located right here.

As part of our maintenance check, we’ll be verifying the operation of your exhaust inducer motor and also any related wiring and electrical connections. Also the blower motor, we’ll be checking that out, making sure we’re not having any oil leaking out of the bearing seals.

Also checking the condition of your coils and as you can see inside this coil here, we have plenty of rust going on. Also the coil does look like it’s packed with some dirt which really could be dangerous. If you have a coil packed with dirt and you have a furnace getting to a high temperature – dirt and heat usually do not mix.

What we’ll be doing today is going through all this maintenance check, making sure everything is working properly today, and then making a few recommendations to make the system work more efficiently and reliably.

So we will start with cleaning the burners. We’ll clean everything. Clean the flame sensor, clean inside here in this compartment, you can see there’s a lot of dirt build-up in there. You can also see that there is a lot of dirt build-up on the motor as well. We’ll make sure to clean that off as well.

So we’ll go ahead and get started and we’ll see how it looks after we’re all done…

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