Alright, so here we are. Just finished up with the Fall maintenance and problem detection on this furnace, this gas pack here.

We went ahead and cleaned up the work site nicely, wiped down all of the trash and debris that we left behind so we make sure that nothing is left behind and it looks really nice.

This unit here had a bad inducer motor. We also did take some carbon monoxide levels inside the house and they’re reading about 25-42 parts per million, so we definitely know that this heat exchanger has a crack in it and it’s leaking out carbon monoxide into the house which is very dangerous, especially when you have the heater on, that’s when that will happen. So we’re going to recommend that we get this heat exchanger replaced as soon as possible.

Again, in the meantime, it’s all cleaned up. Everything is all tightened up and buttoned up here. All the screws are back in place so we’re going to go ahead and get some different options – the A, B and C for repair – and see what this customer would like us to do as far as getting them a reliable and safe operation of their system.

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