Alright, now after we have the furnace of this Rheem gas pack unit all cleaned up – and you can see how much dirt has come off the burners and the burner compartment here – these rags were brand new when I started, so you can see how much dirt comes off these burners. This is a customer that we take care of every six months so you can see just in six months how much dirt can build up on your system. Again, emphasizing the importance of regular routine maintenance – very important to keep your system operating where it should be to factory standards.

So again we have the burners coming on again really nicely now that they’re nice and clean. We went ahead and we cleaned the flame sensor as well that had some build-up on there, so we went ahead and cleaned that off.

Also what we’re going to do here is we’re going to check for motor amps on the inducer motor which is what exhausts all that combustion gas out to the outside air. So we’re going to check that out here. It’s rated for 0.62 maximum amps, as you can see on the nameplate of the motor, it says AMPS 0.62. So here we’re rating about 0.55 amps which is perfect. It’s not over amping – it’s not working harder than it’s designed to work – so that’s definitely a good thing. We know that we’re good on that motor.

We can also see here that they definitely have been taking care of their system. They have been keeping up on their mainline starter. This is a newer mainline starter. These go out pretty often, especially if you keep it at a lower temperature in your house during the summer. They also have a compressor saver installed which is a tremendous upgrade that we offer in order to prolong the life of your compressor and also to save you some money on your energy bill too. It really provides a good benefit for the customer. So that’s good.

We do have a lot of wires going on here. We have a circuit board with some very complex resisters and current controllers and relays which is also very susceptible to power surges. And we can see here that on their system, they do have a power surge protector installed which is, again, an excellent idea. We definitely offer this as a service to our customers to look out for them for their benefit and to protect their system and make it go on for the long run.

So right now we’re going to let it run for a good 15-20 minutes. At the same time we’re going to be checking for carbon monoxide levels inside the house and out here as well. So while we’re doing that, we’ll go ahead and let it run for a good 20 minutes.

Then also checking out temperatures, making sure we’re getting good heat coming out of the duct work as well. So we’ll go ahead and we’ll do that and then we’ll come back and show you how well we clean up our work site when we’re all done.

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