Welcome back to D&H Air Conditioning & Heating. Again this is Jacob Garcia here making another video on how we do our Fall maintenance on a Rheem gas pack unit.

Here we have another Rheem gas pack. It looks like it is about 12 almost 13 years old. Here we can see that there is plenty of dust in the burners, so what I’ve already done is I’ve sprayed it down with some soap and water. Also checking for some gas leaks right now, so we’re going to go ahead and spray it down, clean off all the burners, so that way we don’t have any excess dust in these heat chambers. That way it just gives safer operation for the customer.

Also what we’re going to do is we’re going to check all our “safeties” on this gas pack. We’re going to check for any carbon monoxide levels to make sure that we don’t have any carbon monoxide in the house which is a very deadly thing to have in the house. We want to make sure we don’t have any.

Also we want to make sure that the inducer motor of the gas pack is working properly and putting out the proper amps. Also checking for all the electrical connections, our circuit board is working here and any kind of wiring or electrical connections, we’re going to check all that out today.

Also the gas pack has a current controller here that we’re going to check for the blower motor and we have our blower motor here on the other side too. Again, we’re checking for any kind of oil leaking from the bearing seals. This one looks pretty nice. It doesn’t look like there’s any oil coming out of these bearing seals.

Also checking the condition of your coils again, that’s very important, for both heating and cooling. It affects your efficiency tremendously, so we want to make sure they’re nice and clean and kept up very well.

So we’ll go ahead and we’ll start cleaning up the gas pack furnace and then we’ll check in back here in just a few minutes, whenever we’ve got it running.

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