Clean-up inspection time: In this real-time video inspection and repair of a Daikin air conditioning unit, our Service Professional makes sure that the work area and the unit are clean before he leaves the roof. Cleaning up is the last step of an air conditioning maintenance and repair intervention: leaving a unit clean and a site in good order is not only a sign of attention to detail and pride in one’s work, but it is also a safety measure. Debris flying of a roof can become threats for a family. Oil and grease will degrade shingles and may become a fire hazard in hot weather. Any junk left from a repair must be removed and bagged. Fingerprints are wiped off as a sign of respect for the homeowner and the next service technician. Our Service Professionals are trained to leave a site completely clean.

“Ok, so I went ahead and closed everything back up, wiped off all of my fingerprints off the unit, got everything all nice and tidied up here. We still can see that the roof is a little bit wet from the condenser coil cleaning, but these condenser coils we will always clean as part of our Guardian Maintenance Plan and those are nice and clean ready to go for the summer as well. So there it is, all cleaned up ready to go.”

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