Diagnostic of a failing air conditioning unit – In this video, Jacob, one of our Daikin Comfort Pros, is proceeding with a series of tests and performing a full diagnostic of an air conditioning unit in a failure situation. D&H Air Conditioning has a 24/7 hotline receiving calls from homeowners whose A/C units need service. We aim at getting these units fully repaired and serviced within 24 hours, and most often within 8 hours.

JACOB: Thank you for joining us again here at D&H Air Conditioning & Heating. My name is Jacob and I’ll be walking you through a diagnostic call today.

We received a call that this air conditioner wasn’t working. We came out yesterday, late afternoon, and it was completely frozen over. The inside coil was full of ice so we went ahead and shut the system off. We needed to allow at least six to eight hours for the system to completely thaw out because it was frozen solid.

So now we’re back out early the next morning finding out why it froze up in the first place.

First thing I did notice was that the filter was completely plugged up. Now that may be the only issue here but it very well may not be. If the filter was plugged up, most likely one of our coils is going to be plugged up as well, an evaporative coil inside on top of the furnace. So I’m going to go ahead and check that.

Also what I’m going to do is I’m going to check the refrigerant levels of my gauges and I’m also going to check all the electrical components on the system. It doesn’t matter what we do at a call whether it’s a diagnostic, whether it’s a check-up, we always check everything on the entire system every time we do a diagnostic. That’s what the $95 diagnostic fee covers.

So we’re going to go ahead and check our current controllers, we’re going to check our mainline starter, all the corresponding wiring and electrical connections. We’re also going to check for voltage and our electrical amps that our motors are pulling, making sure that everything is working properly and that nothing is going to go out or is on the verge of failure.

So we’re going to go ahead and do all these things right now and then we’ll check in here with you in a little bit and let you know what we find.

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