Alright, we’re just about done here with the diagnostic and repairs performed during this service call. The system is now cooling properly.

We’ve got a pound of R-22 in the system and since it was leaking we did have to put this Super Seal in the system. This stuff is really awesome because it seals the system from the inside. It guarantees to seal a leak for a system losing up to 15% of their entire charge over four weeks, so it’s really awesome stuff. It eliminates moisture and increases efficiency on the system as well. So this has been added in the system already.

We’ve also got the Freon in the system – 23 degree split temperature downstairs – so we have good temperatures coming out of those vents. It’s cooling properly now and we are all good to go.

Thank you for joining us here on My name is Jacob and we hope to hear from you soon.

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