We’re done with that coil cleaning. Took about two pounds of dirt out of that. Definitely causing some issues for the efficiency of this system. It’s an aging system already on top of having a dirty coil that was in part causing the failure. So we got that all taken care of. I replaced all the tape, brand new tape, to get it 100% airtight in this system.

Before we were only getting about a 16/17 degree split temperature, but I went ahead and added that one pound of R-22 Freon and I did put some sealant in the system as well.

Now let’s take a look at our temperatures. We’ve got 76 degrees on the return temperature here, and we got 53 degrees – so you can definitely see the difference that that coil cleaning itself, along with that Freon, does for this system. Now we have a 23 degree split which is perfect. We want anywhere between 18-24 degrees split between our return and our supply and we’ve got 23 now. This customer is really going to be happy with their energy bill now.

I went ahead and cleaned off everything here too. I used some degreaser. I cleaned off the entire system, wiped down everything, so now it looks good as can be, at least for this age of a system.

So we’ll go up and do one final check on the system before we leave with the failure fully remedied, and we can definitely be assured that this customer is going to be happy.

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