In this video, our NATE-certified Service Professional shows you which repairs & improvements were carried out on this Daikin air conditioning gas package.

“Okay, so here we are again at the Daikin package unit on the gas pack here. Now let’s see what we did today.

First off, what we took care of was that 30/5 microfarad capacitor right here. Again, this wasn’t completely dead but it was out of that tolerance range so I went ahead and replaced that. That’s covered completely under the 12-year parts and labor warranty. Our customer doesn’t have to pay for that.

Also we did right here is install a compressor saver, which is right here and there’s the relay for that which is going to have a lot of money – especially on the startup operation of that compressor.

So let’s look over here. We got a brand new surge protector installed right there and also got the surge protector installed right here as well, and that’s the ECM motor protector.

So this customer is completely 100% surge protected ready to go for the summer. If there are any lightning strikes, power outages, surges, spikes, transients… then this customer doesn’t have to worry about there being any disputes with the warranty and Daikin will have to cover any parts covered.

Alright! Our customer is happy with their repairs & improvements, and all the services provided by D&H today.”

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