What’s in the service of your air conditioning unit?

Jacob, our NATE-Certified Service Professional, is on the road to a service call for an air conditioning unit. Our client’s Amana Gas Package stopped working. They are Guardian Planned Maintenance members, which is a worry-free HVAC repair and maintenance program designed to save homeowners the expense of changing parts when their A/C units break down.

In this brief first part of a 4-part real-time video Jacob introduces the mission: do a complete evaluation of all electrical components, including the motors, compressor, refrigerant levels, temperatures, check and change the filters, and clean the condenser coils. The NATE-Certified A/C Service Professionals at D&H AC have all latitude to make the technical decisions necessary to ensure our clients’ air conditioning units operate at their optimum level considering the age of the units.

Usefulness of this video

This video is only 56 seconds. It is followed by a real-time video of the A/C unit diagnostic process. Jacob goes on the client’s roof, opens the Amana Gas Package, and physically inspect the electrical components while he explains what he does. This helps clearing up any confusion as to the role HVAC technicians play when they come to your residence to service or maintain an air conditioning unit.

Arizona weather is not hospitable for air-conditioning units

The heat and dust of Arizona creates multiple problems on A/C units. The rate of failure of certain units is pretty high and more often than not, the reason is a lack of proper maintenance. D&H AC offers a worry-free maintenance plan for pennies to the dollar. Named “Guardian Maintenance Plan”, this contract covers all labor and parts during the entire duration of the contract, thereby ensuring that your unit is operating at its best and that your power bill does not go through the roof.

Considering the cost of labor and the cost of part replacement, and considering the increase in power usage by badly maintained A/C units, the Guardian Maintenance Plan offered by D&H AC is a real bargain for homeowners.

Our advice regarding maintenance of your A/C unit

If you are not already in a contract covering your A/C system, do yourself a favor: call D&HAC at (520) 408-2665 to inquire about the terms, conditions and cost of the Guardian Maintenance Plan. Do it BEFORE the sand, the dust, the storms and the aging of your air conditioning unit ruin it and force you to pay a lot of money to replace what should have been serviced correctly from the get-go.

Transcript of the video

“Hello, my name is Jacob Garcia I am a service professional at D&H Air Conditioning. Now today we’re going to show you a video of what it’s like when you call us for an A/C checkup or tune-up during this spring and summer season. Here at this specific call we’re taking a look at an Amana gas package unit.

Now here we have a ten (10) year parts and labor warranty at this call. So we’re going to do an entire evaluation, go through all the electrical components, motors, compressors, refrigerant levels, temperatures, check the filter, change it if you like us to do that as well, and we will clean the condenser coils here.

But let’s go ahead and take a look and see what we find and if there’s any issue, what we will do to resolve the issue. So again this is an Amana unit four (4) years old and it has a ten (10) year parts and labor warranty.”