Air Conditioning Service in SaddleBrooke


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Air Conditioning Service in SaddleBrooke

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Many residents of Saddlebrooke, a group of communities located about 15 miles north of Oro Valley, can trust D&H AC to service their air conditioning. Saddlebrooke was founded in 1987 and expanded over the next 20 years to about 10,000 residents. SaddleBrooke One counts about 2,000 families. These families need great air conditioning service, delivered by reliable HVAC technicians who know all the brands and models the home builders have installed in the community.

Why is Saddlebrooke special?

As Saddlebrooke is located on a higher plateau, it is more windy than Tucson itself. Wind is not the friend of air conditioning systems because it brings dust and debris, which settle in the coils and the casings of A/C units. With time and sun heat, this debris becomes harder and prevent the A/C motors and blowers to run at optimal capacity.

This is why D&H AC is appreciated by residents of the Catalina to Oracle plateau, because when we come to inspect an HVAC unit, we do a 360° system check and clean up absolutely every part that matters to the proper functioning of an A/C. We just don’t “do it quick and easy”. We do a really deep inspection, checking many different aspects of the system, and we establish a full diagnostic of how the unit is running at that moment.This includes checking and replacing filters as necessary. Air conditioning service in SaddleBrooke has to follow exactly the same rules.

When we are done with our system check, we give the home owners a full evaluation of what’s working and what’s liable to quit working if it’s not fixed. This way, our clients are fully informed of the risks: if any part of their HVAC system threatens to break down and to trigger very costly “cascading issues”, the diagnostic and the remedies proposed make financial sense to prolong the life expectancy of the unit. This is crucial in this tightly knit communities, where neighbors expect neighbors to keep their homes in great condition to increase the property value of the community. Any HVAC technician performing air conditioning service in SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke Two must understand the fundamentals of this mission.

Real-life air conditioning service inspection reports

Here are a few examples of our technicians reporting what they found in some of the units serviced in Saddlebrook. These are real HVAC reports, giving all the necessary detail to follow up on the history of an air conditioning unit. If one of our technicians was to leave after taking care of the HVAC of your home for years, everything he would have ever done and seen on your unit would be fully available (with photos) to be used by another NATE-certified technician. This ensures continuity in service, and is one of the marks of excellence of D&H AC.

Example 1 of air conditioning service

Don M

Performed seasonal cooling tune-up on a 9-year old Amana gas split system. Checked operations, pressures, amp draws, current controller, start kit, fan motor. Tightened electrical connections. Observation: compressor is louder than usual, amps ok and start amps ok. The noise indicate wear and tear due to age. Furnace unit is clean. Inspected blower assembly and coil, ductwork, temperatures. Recommended oil treatment to rejuvenate compressor components and help extend service life.

Example 2 of air conditioning service

Allan N

Performed AC system check and inspection on customer’s Daikin two split systems. Installed water safety on the attic system. Installed Compressor Protection on the 5-ton condenser. Inspected air filters, blowers and evaporater coils for cleanliness, all ok at this time. Flushed condensation lines and rinsed condenser coils. Cycled both systems with a 22-25 degree temperature split. Refrigerant pressures were ok at this time. All motors and current controllers are operating within range at this time. Both systems are operational at this time.

Example 3 of air conditioning service

Linda S

Performed spring maintenance on a 6-year old Amana gas pack. Serviced and checked system for proper operation. Checked refrigerant levels, motor amps, current controllers, unit starter, electrical connections, wiring, temps, safeties, static pressures, ducts, drain, filter, coils, compressor ohms, and thermostat. Cleared out drain line and washed condenser coils.

Upon inspection, found a weak 35/5 mfd current controller. Replaced under parts warranty. No other immediate issues at this time. Unit is cooling at this time.


If you read these reports, you will have seen how meticulous our work is. This is because we have developed HVAC training system for advanced NATE-certified technicians.

When they are serving you, our Technical Team must be a shining example of the competence and work ethics of D&H.

Saddlebrooke in a few facts and figures

Established in 1987, about 25 miles north fo Tucson, SaddleBrooke is now home to close to 10,000 residents. It is composed of several communities, SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke Two. It is a retirement community, with its own dining and entertainment faciltiies, church, fire station, dog park, lake and HOAs. Located on the East side of AZ 77, south of Oracle Junction, its two main access roads are E SaddleBrooke Blvd and S Lago Del Oro Pkwy. North of the SaddleBrooke communuties, you can take the trailheads to lose yourself in the wilderness. A few miles north, after Oracle Junction, there is the world-reknown Biosphere 2. South of SaddleBrooke, the community of Catalina lies at the feet of the Catalinas and Mt Lemmon, and opens up on the Catalina State Park.

Saddlebrooke is an affluent neighborhood, with newer homes in the $350-$450K. The mission of an HVAC technician performing air conditioning service in SaddleBrooke is to extgend the life of the A/C systems of the residents as long as possible, so as to contribute to harmonious living in the two communities of SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke Two.

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