Live or work in Oro Valley? We offer emergency air conditioning repair services in Oro Valley, both for residential clients and businesses. We have 24/7 urgent NATE-certified AC repair technicians on stand-by. Regardless of the time heating & air conditioning issues take place, we send our certified technicians to diagnose problems and provide reasonable alternatives for repair, replacement and installation of A/C units.

We have residential clients around the following ZIP Codes:

·         W Naranja Dr and N Cañada Dr, Oro Valley 85737 (Cañada Ridge and Copper Creek)

·         W Tangerine Rd and  N Cañada Dr, 86737 (near El Conquistador Country Club)

·         W  Lambert Ln and N Oracle Rd, 85737 (near Push Ridge and the Cancha del Golf area)

·         E Naranja Rd and N 1st Ave, OV 85737 (Tangerine Meadows,  Tangerine Hills)

·         N Rancho Vistoso Blvd and W Moore Rd, OV 85755 (Sunset Ridge and The Retreats)

·         E Rancho Vistoso Blvd, OV 85755 (in the Sun City area)

If you happen to be in need of an emergency AC repair, call us now at (520) 408-2665 for prompt assistance.  Our technicians are usually not too far from your home.


Oro Valley residents: How to lower the cost of maintainance of your air conditioning system

When an air conditioning system goes down (and they go down due to heat and monsoons), the cost of repair can be shocking. It can literally set you back hundreds of dollars.

The first way to keep down the cost of repair is to keep your air conditioning maintained by accredited professional A/C technicians. Regular maintenance visits by NATE-certified technicians are the first measure to continue benefiting from the manufacturer’s warranty.

A/C manufacturers will consider your warranty void if you don’t get your a/c system maintained correctly all year long. This is not an option: this is a contractual requirement by the manufacturers, all of them.

If you are out of warranty because your system was not covered for its entire lifetime (usual 12 to 15 years), you need to consider signing up a maintenance agreement with a professionl A/C company.

There are plenty of a/c companies in Tucson and Oro valley, so you have a wide choice. We hope that you will give D and H Air Conditioning a shot at becoming you’re a/c repair and maintenance company.

The Guardian Planned Maintenance Agreement: Keep your a/c system tuned right

We offer a great maintenance plan called “Guardian Planned Maintenance”. Under this agreement, we come twice a year to do a full inspection of your a/c system. We do a tune-up in preparation for the season to come, and we test all components of your system to make sure that everything functions correctly.

D&H Air Conditioning Guardian Planned Maintenance-logoClick on the logo to see details


The problem is often that one weak component will trigger a cascade of problems, leading to a costly system failure. The Guardian Planned Maintenance contract gets this out of the way: by testing all components and identifying risks of critical failure, then replacing the parts that have major issues, we prevent catastrophic air conditioning failures that cost a lot of money.

On top of that, our clients under the Guardian Planned Maintenance agreement wil also save money on the cost of necessary repairs. We typically give discounts on these parts, when they are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Proper maintenance is a money-saver. We have hundreds of clients under such maintenance agreements in Oro Valley, and you have most likely seen our trucks in your neighborhood many times:

D&H AC Fleet in Oro Valley: Loaded with Parts for Air Conditioning Repair Services

We maintain a large fleet of trucks on the road at all times, and in Oro Valley it is not rare to see five or six D and H Air Conditioning trucks in various neighborhoods in the same day.

D&H Air Conditioning in Oro Valley: Our fleet on the road to repair your A/C quickly


Is your own neighbordhood in this list?

·         Somerset Canyon, Oro Valley, north of Tangerine Rd

·         The Retreats, Oro Valley, north of Tangerine Rd

·         Vistoso Hills, OV, north of Tangerine Rd

·         Rancho Vistoso, OV, north of Tangerine Rd

·         Sunridge, OV, north of Tangerine Rd

·         Tangerine Heights, OV, north of Tangerine Rd

·         The Overlook, OV, north of Tangerine Rd

·         Tangerine Terrace, Oro Valley, south of Tangerine Rd

·         Ironwood Ranch, OV, south of Tangerine Rd

·         Copper Creek, OV, south of Tangerine Rd

·         Tangerine Meadows, south of Tangerine Rd

·         Pusch Ridge Vistas, south of Naranja Rd

·         Cañada Ridge, south of Naranja Rd

·         The Villages of La Cañada, south of Naranja Rd

·         Cancha Del Golf, Oro Valley, south of Naranja Rd

If this is the case, here is an another coupon you can use to lower your costs of air conditioning repair:

If you live in Oro Valley, use these coupons and give us a call at (520) 408-2665 to inquire about our Guardian Planned Maintenance Agreement or for any air conditioning service & repair you may need. We can usually service all Oro Valley residents within hours of your call.

Check out the Google Map of Oro Valley if you don’t know the name of your neighborhood

If you suffer from overheating in summer: contact the Oro Valley Hospital Emergency Center