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Advantage ProgramWhile our team at D&H Air Conditioning Company gets excited about heating and air conditioning, we know that most homeowners simply want to be comfortable in their homes. Owning the latest high efficiency, high performance heating and cooling system is great, but it can come with a heavy upfront cost and the burden of being responsible for maintenance and repairs year after year. What if there was a way to avoid paying upfront for a brand new heater or air conditioner and not have to worry about an expensive repair ever again? With the D&H Advantage Plan, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

D&H Advantage Plan Details:
  • Zero up-front costs and affordable monthly payments
  • No monthly rate increases
  • Unexpected repairs at no additional costs
  • System replacement if it can’t be repaired
  • Easy payment options
  • Fully transferable in the event you sell your home
  • Early termination option at any time

Benefits of the D&H Advantage Plan

With the D&H Advantage Plan, you’ll be able to fit your home with a high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump installed by our very own trusted and experienced team without paying a single cent in upfront costs. That means no stressing over the cost of a brand new system, and just sitting back and letting us do what we do best! After helping you find the perfect air conditioner or heater for your home, we’ll install it flawlessly. But that’s not all—as an Advantage Plan member, we’ll always be at your service to repair and maintain your system at no extra cost to you. If your system breaks down on a hot summer day or cold winter evening, you won’t have to worry about how expensive it’s going to be. You just pick up the phone and call us up, and we’ll take it from there!

D&H Advantage Plan Members:
  • Get emergency service at no additional charge
  • Never pay repair charges for parts and labor
  • Never lose system warranty coverage
  • Never pay diagnostic, travel, or trip charges
  • Receive annual maintenance from our expert technicians
  • Receive FREE filter replacements
  • Never worry about emergency repairs or breakdowns

Advantage Program vs Owning

Enjoy Hassle-Free Heating and Cooling Today!

You already pay monthly for plenty of services, like streaming video, phone, and utilities. Why should your comfort equipment be any different? For a set monthly amount, you can have a truly stress-free way to enjoy reliable heating and cooling in your home. No more worrying about emergency breakdowns, filter replacements, and scheduling maintenance. Plus, you’ll enjoy around-the-clock access to our top-rated team of incredible technicians to provide any support you need for the covered system.

If you’d like to learn more about the D&H Advantage Plan, please call us today!