In this video, Brett covers the 3 major air conditioning issues he has seen with HVAC systems throughout his 30-year career as an A/C specialist. Should each issue be taken care of, most A/C systems would run without a hitch for 12-15 years.


Hi I’m Brett Wright, President D&H Air Conditioning and Heating.

For the last fifty-five years, our customers have struggled with the same three major air conditioning issues. The good news is we have solved all three of them for you.

The first problem is lack of maintenance: people don’t start it early enough, they don’t stick with it and lack of maintenance causes most problems down the road. We’ve solved it: no matter the brand, no matter the age, and no matter who installed your existing air conditioning system. We will maintain it for you.

The second problem is frequent or costly repairs: here’s the best tip I can give you. You are the best technician for your home. If you hear something, call us immediately, we’ll come out fast, fix the problem and guarantee our work.

The third problem is sometimes it’s better to replace the whole system than to be nickeled-and-dimed. People put off buying a new unit because of the cost but we have solved this with cool programs and you can have a new system installed in your home with 12 years of financing, 12 years of warranty and 12 years of guaranteed maintenance for as little as $3 a day. That’s right $3 a day… For the price of a Starbucks, you can have a new home comfort system.

So don’t put it off. Call us today for your free in-home estimate and you can have a brand new system installed tomorrow. That’s right, our installations can be done in one day. Don’t put it off, call us!

Brett Wright, President

D & H Air Conditioning & Heating